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40 Amazing 3D House and Home Architectural Visualizations


3D and computer graphics allow for unparalleled architectural visualization, which saves architects and designers a ton of time and money when designing houses, and it also allows them to push their creativity to the maximum when creating a concept. This results in some seriously cool architecture concepts, from the very realistic, to futuristic, and even ones that seem quite strange.

This post showcases creative 3d houses from some of the best architectural visualizers in the world. You’ll love some of the concepts, and maybe even be inspired when designing your own home. Plus, you’ll get a glimpse into the future of architecture and design and what you might be seeing very soon around the world.

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If you own any these houses please let us know 😉

Lilypad Eco-refugee Housing by Philippe Steels

Villa by Swiss Interactive Group

Tuscany Residence in the US by Fred Baldez

Day House by DarthMurda

A rendition of Mathias Klotz’s Ponce House in Buenos Aires, Argentina by Bertrand Benoit

Summer Home by Lifang International

NVZ House Entrance by Ronen Berkermen

Late Night by FPCamp

Dimitar Rashkov – Red Vertex

Cabin in Cordoba by 90-Grados

MS House Dusk View by Ronen Berkermen

Agami House at Dusk by Ronen Berkermen

My Dream House At Sunset by Siryouss

Simply Pre-Fab by CoCreations

CVA Prototypes by MShadows

B House Dusk View by Ronen Berkermen

Artist’s Workshop by ExcuseMyEnglish

Castores House by Sergio

Beach by Nuvist

K Residence by VT-Arch

Japanese House by Neellss

Brooklyn Heights by Siryouss

Blue Night by kehaola

House by Serg-Design

A Rainy Day Shot by fpcamp

Villa by Abduljabbar Jubbory

NVZ House Pond by Ronen Bekermen

Texas House at Night by Kuan

KM House 1 by Ronen Bekermen

Modern House by Fietter

3D Exterior House by Kupfer

Reception by Studiodxine

Render #6 by Espasios Canada

Lovely Villa by Ebraheem Imam

Pool House by de_guff

Commercial Project in Miami by Edu Nunes

Villa Exterior by Carson

House M Visualization by Bertrand Benoit

GH House by Bertrand Benoit

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