35 Breathtakingly Beautiful Fractal Artworks

A fractal is a rough or fragmented geometric shape that can be split into parts, each of which is (at least approximately) a reduced-size copy of the whole.  Fractals are generally created using mathematical equations and programs such as Apophysis.  With the power of such programs, it is possible to manipulate the fractal in a variety of ways, so that, although it may no longer be self-similar, is still a fractal-based artwork.

This post showcases 35 breathtakingly beautiful fractal artworks from digital artists around the web.  Using Apophysis or PowerFractal, these artists have managed to capture mathematical beauty and create stunningly colorful creations.

Enjoy the collection!

Fractal by Lynn

Dream Blooms by Colliemom

The Beginning by Magnusti78

Fleur D’Apo by mynameishalo

A Feeling by Magnusti78

Autumn Dance by Silwenka

Fantasy Lover by KLR620

Cubik Olympic by digitalpainters

Furnace by Aexion

… by Lynn

Fairy Tree by Nirolo

Sanctuary by Creativ82

Alchemy by 404-Not-Found

Fractal Art by Nathan Smith

Melt the Ice by zueuk

Talisman V by hmn

Fractal Art by Nathan Smith

Illusions by CygX1

Evolution by trystianity

Nexus by NinthTaboo

Ghostly Visage by tdierikx

Fractal Art by Nathan Smith

I sleep only to dream of you by longan drink

Aeries Reborn by theArchon

Air by Silwenka

Perception Redefined by TyrantWave

Forever Friend by Rhiannon104

Night of the Phoenix by magnusti78

Flying Carpet by wm-d

Dragon in the Evening Desert by Treehouse Charms

The Awakening III – Rebirth by cyg1X

RR2 – Wonderland Forever by magnusti78

Mycology by cyberxaos

Fractal Flowers Collection

Last of the Summer Flowers by Omron

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