35 Awesome Business Card Designs for your Inspiration

It doesn’t matter, whether you are a beginner in business or a professional, you should always keep your personalized business card to yourself. Moreover you shouldn’t leave home without it. This vital marketing tool ties a first knot in your relationship with a client. Business card is like a face of your company and goes on to work for you even when you are not close to your potential partner or customer. It’s the most important element of your visual identity and an excellent way to promote yourself, impress people and make them to remember you.

Every businessman should have their own visiting card, which usually contains information such as his name, address, email, phone number, business logo and other wholesome data. But the main purpose of a business card is not only to provide clients with your contact information but also to make people get in touch with you and to collaborate for the mutually beneficial deals.

Presently more and more people are using outstanding visiting cards to convey the image and personality of their business. They understand it’s not just a simple rectangular, it’s a really efficient tool of advertising and too powerful trend to ignore. But how should it look to leave a good long lasting impression?

The business card may have different forms and be can made of unusual materials. The optimal size is the size that perfectly fits into the business card holders, but that’s not a standard and you may make your business card round, oval, square and even with holes or take a form of a line, balloon, bottle, animal and etcetera!

Everything depends only on your powerful imagination! A business card has to be both laconic and informative enough to stand out. You may complement this branding tool with subtle typography, company logo and harmonious color combination. Don’t forget about the quality of the paper, this aspect is also very relevant, specially if you are a representative of a paper company :). The front side has to grab clients’ attention at the first sight and make customers trust you, your services and your company.

Don’t place much information on the face side, clients can loose the main aim and don’t catch the meaning of your business. All supplementary data can be printed on the back of a visiting card, where you can give freedom to your imagination and write whatever you wish! There you can include interesting offers, useful reminders, outstanding propositions and stunning solutions that your company provides. The design of a business card has to make people become your clients, and then your clients will return into your constant customers. But first step to all this is your effective and remarkable business card!

You can create visiting card by yourself, spend some good amount of money or choose a professional business card template designed by FlashMint or some other templates marketplace. The main thing to keep is mind is that your business card should have unique design and stand out against the crowd of ordinary plain cards.

If you are still not sure what exactly you want and hesitate what form of business card to choose, you have a great chance to look through our cool roundup and select one, that really attracts your attention. In this showcase we’ve collected business cards which are made by different techniques, such as: letterepressing, die-cutting, varnishes, metallic inks and made of metal, plastic, steel and other various non traditional materials. We’ve gathered an awesome selection of 35 spectacular templates that, surely, will give you a huge doze of inspiration and make you to ensure that business card is more than just a piece of paper with a person’s contact details, it’s a little masterpiece! And if you want your business be successful you have to own this efficient business accessory!

Two sides business card

Simple, elegant and informative. Gorgeous ornament element looks effective on both deep-black and rich gold backgrounds.

two sides business card

Sweet Thrills Candy Store and Dr. Kenneth Montague (Dentist): Dual-Sided Business Card

Sweet Thrills is a candy store. Kenneth Montague is a dentist. They decided it would be awesome if they shared a business card. The idea is really stunning!

thrill candy store and dr kenneth montague dentist

Business card for Lady Club

This business card has a spectacular design with flower graphic extended outside of the card’s border.

business card for lady club

D. Gyurov

This concept-based business card was designed by D. Gyurov. A funny figure with the thought balloon attracts attention at a glance.

business card

NinjaBTL business card 4

These business cards are pretty cool, folded in origami folding way. They are created by NinjaBTL advertising agency designers.


Business Card – Tone

The design of a business card represents the image of a tone company and the main message they want to convey. It has stylish and neat appearance.

business card tone

Basta business card

This business card has a round form and special tear-off line to fit to the card holder. Its size is perfect to read the text.

business card tone


This cute business card is so differ from others. A piece of paper against a hand made envelope is a really outstanding solution! You can write all important data on this field.

my business card


There is a funny cartoon illustration on the front side and all necessary information on the back side. Color choice is perfect for advertising business card.

business card

Business card bios design

A lovely typographic business card by graphic designer Nebuladiagnostics. Creative ideas and skillful implementation make these card look anything but ordinary.

business card bios design

Sonologue Business Card

This business card template has a quite nifty design that impresses with its bright laconism. You can fill speech bubbles with anything creative while handing over cards — it makes the meeting memorable and the card has a better chance of not being thrown away!

sonologue business card

Amy Mullin Business Card

Retro Pinup Styled Business Card for Local Hair Stylist.

amy mullin business cards

Cafe Ulige business card

The business card is made for class by graphic designer from Denmark Alexandr Freiling.

Cafe Ulige business card

Transparent business card

The transparent business card with minimalist design and beautiful image of a planet. Nothing unnecessary, very effective appearance.

transparent business card

Chris Piascik

This weird business card is done by inking a raised surface and then pressing it into the paper, giving the design both color and depth. It is printed on a heavy water-color paper. Pay attention to the extra texture it has.

chris piascik


A business card can be one of the most cost-effective investments you can make for your brand. This business card is really efficient promotional tool, it tells the story and proves the point.



Snazzy and gorgeous business card with a metallic-gold picture on a deep-black background. It’s a perfect solution for a graphic designer.



Round formed business cards by MiTea, importers of rare teas from all around the world. Letter-pressed in 13 languages.


Junge Schachtel

The business card has creative design, it has a tear-off line where the names of the designers are hidden. Very original and beautiful.

business card jungle

Cafe Java

These die cut business cards are silk laminated and made for Cafe Java. They make us want a cup of coffee, really creative use of typography and content.

cafe java

Yoga One

An amazing business card with two holes for fingers. Put your digits into the holes and they’ll look like legs. So funny and outstanding solution.

yoga one business card


These cards are both personal and memorable. Creative pop up business cards with a quotation in a thought balloon for each member of a team.


Lush Lawn and Property Enhancement

Business cards that essentially double as seed packets. Cards were letter-pressed, filled with grass seed and glued by hand. Designed by Brandon Knowlden.

lush lawn business card

Mineral Water Business Card

This card takes the shape of the product. Instant recognition!

mineral water business card

The Farm

Bright business card design with a funny sheep that is covered in a white fluff. Effective and beautiful advertising of a wool company.

the farm

Self-promotion business card

This kind of business card is not only awesome but also useful, you can give it to the partner or client and every time he will use it, your ad will be in sight. That is very clever!

self-promotion business card

TAM Cargo: Business card

Traditional business card can be transformed into a funny little box of transporting cargo air. The card was design by Brazilian advertising agency Y&R for TAM Airlines.

cargo business card

Norburn Model Aircraft Supply: Business Card

One more creative idea for your business cards collection. Glider shaped card is a unique solution for aircraft company.

aircraft model business card

Lettre Savauge

The stylish letterpress business card with the image of forked lightning by Lettre Sauvage Letterpress.

lettre savauge

Product of Columbia

Cloth bag with a circle built in, the business card of Coffee company. Brilliant work, wouldn’t you agree?


Base One

Nice card concept. There are different answers under the “b” for different cards. But this one is very positive and pleasant, it runs as follows: Dan would like to believe “that this business card made you smile”.

base one

Kensey Lu Accessories

This elegant and gentle business card was designed for Kensey Lu accessories by Stewart West and John Johnson.

kensey Lu Accessories

The rabbit and the duck

An awesome work by The rabbit and the duck. The sewn edge in red grabs attention at a glance.

the rabbit and the duck business card

Slap Audio Studio: Business card

An amazing business card stylized as a cassette. It was designed for Audio Studio.

slap audio studio

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