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35 Magnificent Animal Digital Paintings


Animals are an incredibly popular subject for digital painting, ever since prehistoric man. While some animals are able to be domesticated and kept as pets, others remain in the wild and are viewable only from afar. Perhaps as a recognition of the other species that inhabit Earth along with us, humans love to depict animals in a variety of artistic media.

This post showcases 35 magnificent animal digital paintings from talented digital artists around the globe. We’ve already covered computer generated animals, photographs of animals, and even animal photomanipulations, so today, we have animal digital paintings for your viewing enjoyment.

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Talking to animals by Grey Seagull

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Hello Moon, old Friend by ShadowUmbre

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Heavens Kingdom by uncle91

Nictama CAT by azfla neko

The Roar of a Tiger by latent talent

tiger and snow by xavor85

little blue bird by bleminh

tiger by mixei

Black Dog by WarNick

Cthulhuesque Ganesh by petrovi4

Starry Dog by Darvete

Mad Grin by SpikeWayf Fert

librarians by EosFoxx

Sable by evahlis

Snake by Gabeszntx

The colours of a sunrise by evana

Wolf Of Shadows by Black Ravyn

Wolf practice by Red IzaK

Frog Knight by Sephiroth Art

Lion by Dzhay

Lion by Malla13

Miranda and the Tigers Eye by Dianae

Otako Naoko by raynkazuya

Snake by purplekecleon

The lion and the sword by Rhynn

The Lion by LDN RDNT

Tiger by T Tiger

White Tiger Clan by kerembeyit

Animal Print by silverin87

Avery the Hamster Thief by AmandaDaHamster

Beauty and the beast by Aomori

Hugo the Guinea Pig by AmandaDaHamster

Peruvian Guinea pig by JanaW

Pick me pick me by clefchan

Animals by aldesgn

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