33 Superb NewTek Lightwave 3D Tutorials

NewTek Lightwave 3D is a 3D software package that is used for modeling, lighting, texturing, rendering and animation of high end computer graphics.  Used in various films and TV shows including Jurassic Park, 300, Finding Nemo, Avatar and Iron Man, Lightwave offers scripting functionality as well as a particle engine using hypervoxels as a way of animating particle effects.  Because of its use by various visual effects companies, Lightwave 3D tutorials are always popular among the CG community.

Here you’ll find 33 superb NewTek Lightwave 3D tutorials, ranging from simple modeling tutorials to complete project walkthrough tutorials.

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Making of The Arrival

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Lightsabers in Lightwave

A Realistic Lighting Rig in Lightwave

The Making of ‘All Road’

GP2 Modelling, Lighting, Rendering and Compositing

Create an Army of Running Bipeds

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The Making of Moria Orc

How to Make a Soccer Ball

Procedural Texturing with Weight Maps

The Making of Left Behind

GSM Phone Tutorial

Making of the SimTech

My Son Marcus Tutorial

Creating a Winter Landscape

Creating Planetary Rings in Lightwave

The Making of Icarus

The Making of Water World

Making a Jack Daniels Bottle Tutorial

Making of La Espera

Integrating 2D and 3D Elements

Lightwave Hair System

The Making of 3 AM

Making of the Hagia Sofia

Making of Street Racer

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Making of Ill Autumn

Making of the Village

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