31 Sleek Black Braided Hairstyles


Certain hairstyles do not loose charm, they are evergreen. There is one such hairstyle that every girl must have and flaunt in her teenage. It’s the braided hairstyle. You have a chance to relive your past by opting for braided hairstyle. The hairstyle can be done with various variations. They suit a young girl and a mature woman with equal ease and glamour. When you take out the braids after keeping them overnight, they give beautiful waves to your hair the next day. The braided hair is also best suited when you are participating in sports activities, because the hair is held up well. Braided hairstyle is also q favorite among celebrities for the red carpets.

Braided hairstyle can be worn on both formal and informal occasions. Though they have been long in fashion, they still hold the same grace and excitement till date. Braids look gorgeous on long and medium length hair. You can keep you hair half loose and other half can be knitted in braids. The hairstyle is time consuming but looks very stylish. If you add colored highlights to black braids the style will look versatile. Have a look on 31 black braided hairstyles, which you may like to try on for nicely knitted black braid ideas.

Braids In Rolls

Thick braids look stylish on the girl when rolled and tied in a bun.

Brided Hair Nice

Majestic Touch

Cool braids of the girl are complimenting the flattering smile on her face.

Very Nice black Braid Hair

Casual Looks

Simple braids can be worn on normal days, this looks decent as well as cool on teens.

Nice Braided Hair Cute

Gorgeous & Glamorous

The model is looking glamorous and perfect with braids and bold make up.

Gorgious Hairs

Black Braids

Black shiny hair can be knitted in numerous braids, it gives a cool look.

Braids Nice Hair

Braids in curls

Braids are knitted in curly hair, they look sassy on dark complexion girl.

Nice Hairs

Classy And Cool

Black braids can be worn on occasions with accessories, they give a glamorous feel.

Cute Hair

Teenage Hairstyle

Braids are very common among teens, their hair remain tied up well in braids.

Braides Nice Hair

Golden Strips

Multiple braids are knitted flawlessly, the addition of golden highlights is like the icing on the cake

Braided Hair

Cute And Cool

Teenage girls are all set for a party, braids make their face look clearer.

Nice Hair

Wavy Braids

The hair is kept loose from the top and the bottom, to give a wavy and cool look.

Briaded New Hair

Sassy Hairstyle

High raised braids with red ribbons look sassy. It highlights the body shape well.

Charming Hair Braided

Straight & Silky Braids

These long black braids are fun to carry, they look sober and stylish.

Nice black Hairstyle

Wavy hair

Knitted braids when left open, give volume to the hair and add natural waves as well.

Nice Braided Hair

Multiple Braids

The middle aged woman is looking many times younger and fashionable with multiple braids.

Women With Braided Hair

Colored Flavour

The touch of the royal blue is giving a majestic blow to the hair and the braids.

Cute Hair Nice


Braids can be knitted in various forms, they look stylish with half open hair as well.

Nice Hair Braided

Flirting Braids

If you like to add flirty and flattering flavour to your looks, you can go for stylish braids.

Black Briaded Nice

Elegant And Pleasing

Tied braids look perfect with formal dresses, it best suits the dark complexion.

black Nice Hairstyle

Tied In PonyTail

Braids are kept thick in front and thin braids are tied in ponytail to give a formal look.

Nice Hairstyle

Pretty Hair

Thin braids are looking pretty, you can keep you hair open from bottom to add a wavy texture.

Women Braid Hair

Funky Hairstyle

Braids give funky and flattering looks, which look brilliantly striking.

New Look Braided

Rolling Zigzag

Braids are rolled in criss cross shape to give a new look to the face.

Braided Hair New Type

Braids On Straight Hair

There can be nothing better than simple braids on your head while you are on a trip.

Nice Braided Hair

Simple Side Twist

Give yourself a new fashion statement by giving a simple side twist to your braids.

Black Braided New

Medium Length Braids

Face gets highlighted with the hairstyle, it adds glow and charm to the face.

Black Hair Nice

Spiky Braids

Braids can be set with a hair gel and given a spiky look by raising them upwards.


Hot Chic

Thick braids are perfect for long hair, half of the braids can be rested on the front side.

Pretty Hair Nice

Healthy Hair

Medium length hair are nicely rolled in braids, red color lipstick is complementing the hairstyle.

Black Hair Braided

Perfect Hairstyle

Give yourself a majestic look with side parted black braids, this adds volume to the hair.

Nice Braid Hair

Black And Brown Braids.

The blend of black and brown braids looks glamorous with the pink dress.

Black Braided Hair

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