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40 Facebook Fails And Wins!


Facebook, besides being a social networking site where people share moments and ideas, has also become one of the most resorted entertainment source. From Status fails to embarrassing comments by parents, Facebook has it all. In this post we have collected 40 such self-understood Facebook fails and wins that will sure brighten your day and might even save you from reproducing such nuisance into your own life.


Who? What?

Sheer stupidity

Smabrt Asbes


No Editing

Your Wrong, Again!


Gangnam Style


Perve Check

Their Green Eyes

Sandy Drink Facebook Fail

WIFI Trespass



Would Do Anything, Right?


Attention hungry Loner

Importance of, Comma..

Awkward Moment Facebook Fail

Where’s The Fire?

Presidential Candidate

Not So Dumb

Child Support


Some People Are Too Loud





Language Deciphered

Rainbow Wins

Where you Should be

The Rock-star



Sunday Bloody Sunday

Grandma Knows More

He did it, Bitch!

Screen Shot


Schoolboy Error


True Love Is Waste Of Food



God “Save” Us

The Pesky Relationship Status

If you have more Facebook Fails and Wins to add to this post, feel free to mention in the comments section.