30 Wicked Cool Typographic Designs and Typography Artworks

Typography is a crucial part of design, because it can directly communicate words and messages.  However, just as important as the words used are the colors, fonts, styles and hierarchy, because they can convey more emotion, feeling and meaning than words alone.

In this post, we’ve gathered up 30 wicked cool typographic designs, typography artworks and experimental typefaces from some of the typography masters.  Whether you’re a fan of simple typographic posters, or complex and innovative text compositions, you’ll find some awesome artworks here and will definitely want to check out more from the artist.


Another Fresh New Year by mushir

Typography by Theo Aartsma

Typography Illustrations by Alex Beltechi

This Is Hard Life by Man of Inspiration

Colour by ChubbaART

Balance by skam-4

Treasures of the Aztec by Man of Inspiration

Classic-04 by Wirestyle

Prismatic Nature by VisualFour

I Love Art by degodson

Love by StrangeProgram

FUNK-IT by K3nzus

Think by eQinoxx

UU Theory by Biomachina

Daddy was a Jewel Thief by Jared Nickerson

Type by Rubens Cantuni

Colorcubic Experimental

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