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30 Terrifying Examples of Horror Digital Art


Horror and macabre are  incredibly common themes for artists, due to the powerful impression that can be made using a combination of color, shadow and perspective.  Perhaps the most commonly recognized painting of a horror-style scene is “The Scream”, an expressionistic painting by Edvard Munch.  As always, with the advent of digital art, the horror genre has made tremendous leaps forward in the art world.

In this post, we’ve gathered up 30 terrifying examples of horror digital art.  Whether the horror and fear is directly obvious, with monsters, demons and blood, or merely insinuated through the clever use of colors and shadows, and character emotions, there’s a great variety of works in both true digital painting form, grunge form, and even line-art form.

As a word of caution, some images contain depictions of violence, blood, monsters and other horror elements.  Thus, some images may not be suitable for younger audiences.

Hide and Seek

Ronald McDonald


Final Destination by Alexiuss

Darkness fear

Carnival of Horror



Heroes of War

Yellow Teeth, Yellow Eyes

Grave of Souls

Hide and Seek



Dream Hunter

El Horror De Unwich

My Horror


Pet II

Horror Filming

Moonlight Sorrow

We shouldn’t be out here

The Black Book of Horror

Ominous Presence

Aquatic Horror of Portsmouth

The Pumpkin King

Suburban Nightmare

I Did’t Do It…

My USAland

Private Sideshow

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