30 Ridiculously Cool and Innovative Web Designs You’d Love To Visit

With the emergence of newer web technologies such as jQuery, AJAX, CSS3 and HTML5, along with the decrease in bandwidth costs and increase in graphics performance, web designers now have significantly more options available when it comes to creating innovative and interesting web designs to captivate their audience.

We’ve gathered up 30 ridiculously cool and innovative web designs that would make visiting and using these websites enjoyable and fun.  Whether it’s a sleek design, a clean and modern design, or something nature inspired, you’ll wish all websites had designs that were this cool.

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Experimental by tehacesequence

Designer’s Webblog by Harm-Less

Book Store by downsign

Hitman by Princess of Shadows

Avalon by WebDesigner1921

Planet NextGen by zaib

Map Commission by Zyphid

PlanetSwiss by jonaska

Sense Design by WebDesigner1921

When He Wasn’t Tumbling Down by Ciitylightss

Where the Chubs Live by trenchmaker

EGO Solutions by alaeeldin

Erguvan Platin by Black MayheM

H2O Studio by jonaska

WordPress Fairy Theme by detrans

Unistudio by lukearoo

PeruAssist by sogaso

Oliveza by sogaso

Cafe Lyckan by andersolausson

BPet Website by Feartox

CafeBrands Coffee by preet618

Ivr by bratn

Miranda Construction by sogaso

iDesign by CrazyClouds

Village Shop by Slrlus

Lima Hotel by sogaso

INTRACE by MrZielsko

DaNing by hkgood

Pilots by CreativeDesignsPL

Portfolio by abstraxi

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