30 Mind Blowing Matte Paintings

Matte paintings are one of the coolest types of digital art, because of the variety of techniques that can be used, the limitless number of effects, the requirement for artistic skill and the functionality of the artworks.  Most matte paintings are used as backdrops, establishing shots or promotional artworks for videogames, film, TV and other media.  When given to a compositor, a matte painting can turn from a still image to a breathtakingly real environment.

In this post, we’ve gathered up 30 mind blowing matte paintings that you will certainly enjoy.

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Cliffside by Mitsuk

Earth 2023: Progenitor Ship

Colorscape by Dylan Cole

Portfolio Background by Visualize

Nydenion Arrival by JackLionHeart



Yakuza Moon by Ujean

Invasion by D3c

Haunted by Jama Jurabaev

Last Fight by Valery Medvedev

Futuristic Metropolis by Ujean

Volcanoes by EdBabb

Strike by Ujean & Glazyrin

Ancient Temple by Sleax

Departures by ARTek92


Valis Licentia by Tigaer

Soldiers by CensoredID

Heavenly City by Sinister

Lighthouse by Sleax

Stadium by Franc

Glade by Taenaron

Dream by Taenaron

Colonization by M3-F

Too Late by Tredowski

Impending Doom by Edlo

Explorers by Max4Ever

Talaros City by fstarno

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