30 Masterful CG Interiors

The power of computer graphics is often applied to architectural visualization, both for exterior and interior design.  The ability to artificially build a scene, add objects, and project light from a variety of angles helps architects and designers develop and refine their vision for a fraction of the cost.  3D Studio Max and Cinema4D have become wildly popular in this field, and the growing interest in using CG renderings will soon allow architects to generate complete blueprints and specifications based solely upon a computerized, textured and lifelike render.

In this post, we’ve gathered up 30 masterfully created CG interiors from the brilliant architectural minds on the internet.  Whether you’re hoping to own a home in the future, or you already own one, or you’re interested in designing for architecture projects, this post will be sure to inspire you in every way.

Enjoy the interiors, and let us know which was your favorite.  As always, we welcome hearing from you!

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