30 Majestic Bird Photos

Bird photography is a highly popular subject in photography.  Birds are quite majestic creatures, and their ability to fly has been the subject of our envy for generations, culminating in our development of flight and aerospace engineering.  Even since ancient times, the ability to fly was revered among the population, and in the famous Greek myth, Icarus and his father attempt to escape from an island palace, so his father builds wings out of wax and feathers.  Icarus’ father warned him not to fly too close to the sun, but as Icarus soared higher, he ignored these instructions, and the way melted, leading to Icarus’ death.  Aside from mythology, even today, birds are an essential part of the dynamic ecosystems of our world, and they often grace our backyards with their majesty.

In this post, you’ll find 30 majestic bird photos, captured by some of the top photographers in the world.  From calm lakes to ocean shores, peaks and valleys, photographers sought out some of the most unique and beautiful birds in the world to capture these bird photographs.

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Enjoy the photographs!

The Sky Skimmer by Bill Dalton

You are Fired by John&Fish

Caracara Takes Off by Ville Miettinen

Lunch Time by NatureWind

Flamingos Partying by Pedro Szekely

Oye by Ibai Acevedo

Closer Won’t Be Easy by ooTigeroo

Children of the Sun by Dare Turnsek

Eagles in Flight by Glen Hush

Mandarin Ducks by Michael Schmidt

Black Headed Gull by Christopher Hoyle

Canada Geese in Flight by Keith

Birds by Dragan Todorovic

White Tailed Eagle Set Free by Steve Wilson

Like a Butterfly by John&Fish

Under My Wing by Luigino Snidero

Pathway to Light by Jman10

Pavarotti by Marcell

Blue Jay by Jim Ridley

Colorful Stare by Brodmann’s17

Make Way by JimPG2_2010

Bundled by Steve Wall

Common Kingfisher by nissim

Bubo Lacteus by Rene Pedersen

Attack by Gustav Kiburg

Shelter by Justlysiak

Bad Hair Day by thrumyeye

Blue Footed Booby by Wei Li Hur

Flamingos by Gina Pflegervu

Flight by Steve Garrington

30 Majestic Bird Photos