30 Inspiring Concept Artworks

Concept art is art that is created to express a given theme, idea, mood, setting or concept, in a relatively short amount of time.  Some concept art is incredibly rough, with clearly visible brush strokes and rough areas visible, while other concept art is highly refined, almost indistinguishable from computer graphics.  Either way, concept art must establish the proper perspective, lighting, mood and concept so as to allow for future development for film, games or other media.  Concept art is also a highly popular style for practice work, as it allows artists to experiment with various scenes and views without investing the amount of time required for a full digital painting, matte painting or 3D environment.

Here you’ll find 30 inspiring concept artworks that will get you inspired to try your own hand at concept art.  While it can be created using just a mouse, it is generally advised to use a drawing tablet for superior control and workflow.

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Birth of Giants by memod

Centurion by ewkn

Pirate by KageRott

The Edge by korbox

Light Mansion by Hideyoshi

The Base by jamajurabaev

Speedpaint by Majora28

First Night on Pandora by jamajurabaev

No One Left Behind by Phoenix-06

We Are Under Attack by Skyrion

The Gathering by Andreas Rocha

Unfinished Base by Raybender

Zone Zero by aiiven

Downtown by Andree Wallin

Sanctum by Jenovah-Art

Across the Pikes Valley by Polyraspad

Execution by 88grzes

Asteroid Shore by jamajurabaev

MacBeth by Gaius31duke

In the Mists of Vegas by ewkn

Chase by niltrace

Tarriance by Antifan Real

Bad Rancor by Voyager212

City Falls by niltrace

Lion King Tribute by jamga

Megastructure by Hideyoshi

IF 221 C by Andree Wallin

City of Despair by Uribaani

Burma Aid by fstarno

Prague by merl1ncz

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