30 Inspirationally Clever T-Shirt Designs

T-shirt design is one of the most rapidly growing fields of design, as the fashion industry becomes more and more open to smaller freelancers and designers.  With niche sites like Threadless, CafePress and others, designers are now able to sell their designs in a variety of forms, and the community response has been incredibly enthusiastic.

We’ve rounded up 30 inspirational and clever t-shirt designs that will showcase some great aspects of design as well as inspire you to make your own.  Plus, some of these are quite amusing.

If you are wondering how to create t-shirt designs, learning Adobe Illustrator would be a great place to start:


T-Shirt Designs by Andreas Krapf

Black Fortress by Machine56

Purdy Nerdy by Mr. Gauky

Sweet Tooth by MetaMephisto

ndikol2009 by Adhika Rahmani

Forgot to Study by jublin

Fast Funeral by Glennz

Ninja! Heads will Roll by smoking

Hands by Wojciech Pijecki

Fight For a Better Tomorrow by Mike

Bountiful Booty by Evanimal

We’re Only Human by matt901

Grim Reaper by Glennz

Eat Sleep Attack by Greg Abbott

Threadless by Chow Hon Lam

Grief by Chad Manzo

Surfing Space by gums

Deadly Goldmine by akraph

Da Monk by mnkcrew

The Nightmare’s Factory by Adam Antium

Beauty Before Death by alicexz

I’m Afraid of Witches by Attilla

Recycle by Wotto

Late Night by Tolagunestro

Fixing the Sky by SaltyShadow

Power to Create by carny87

Dream of Roses by Kaoru Chan

Handlebars Are in Town by Alvarejo

Funkmaster by Short

Vulcanicks by Rusc

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