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30 Innovatively Creative Bicycle Designs


Bicycles have existed for over 100 years, and are one of the most popular forms of transportation, particularly in crowded cities and places where cars are either impractical or unable to be used. Although there are a few standard types of bikes, such as mountain bicycles, racing bicycles, and BMX bicycles, designers are always looking to create new concepts to improve the bicycle.

This post showcases 30 innovative and creative bike designs, from innovators and designers around the globe. From the slight improvement to drastic redesigns, these bicycle concepts are incredibly cool, and who knows, you might see one of them on the streets.

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Velorias by Mantas Palaima

Folding Bike by Dominic Hargreaves

Lance Armstrong Bike by Jader

Artikcar Bike by Ben Wilson

Speedster Bike by Andinobita


Grasshopper Bike

Cube’s Urban Street Concept Bike

Forkless Cruiser by Olli Erkkila

Plumo Track Bike by Nuno Teixeria

Future Bike by Lewis Rowe

Hybrid City Bike by Peter Dudas

Electric Bike Concept by Yuji Fujimura

Grasshopper Bike by Studio Namic

Bike Concept by Ciprian Frunzeanu

Futuristic Bike Concept by Bradford Waugh

i Bike Concept by Reindy Allendra

Eco Bike by Victor Aleman

Bendable Bicycle Concept

One Bike by Thomas Owen

Bike and Shopping Cart


Robrady Design by ElectricFoldingBike

Wire Bike Concept by Ionut Prodescu

Variable Bike Frame

Rotation Bike

Locust by Josef Cadek

Ruiter Simplicity Bike

Wooden Bicycle

Peugot B1K Bicycle

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