30 Incredibly Realistic 3D Interior and Exterior Environments

3D interior environments and 3d exterior environments are essential for architectural visualization, film and matte painting, visual effects, as well as design.  For 3d interior environments, the most important factors are the realistic features of the geometry of the room, and the lighting, while for 3d exterior environments, the most important factor is the realistic features of flora and fauna, as well as lighting again.

In this post, we’ve gathered up 30 incredibly realistic 3d interior and exterior environments that showcase the power of 3D when it comes to visualizing the world.  Whether you want to imagine yourself overlooking a peak in the mountains, or in an abandoned subway, computer graphics can help you achieve it.

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Before the Rain by Freelancah

Door of Eternity by George Pourikas

Penthouse Living Room by Flavius-C

In A Dream by m0ntezuma

Blue Night by Kehaola

Samurai Temple by 3DSerge

Loft by Kehaola

K Residence by VT-Arch

Italian House by Pitposum

Blue Lab by guterres

High End Bathroom by Flavius-C

Old England Morning by JJasso

Stages of Light by Jesus Selvera

Japanese House by Neellss

Slum2007 by RudolfHerczog

Russian Underground by Alexey Glinsky

Guanajuato Alley by Eugenio Garcia

Street of Memories by Marek Denko

Autumn by Eldar

Tokyo Metro Station by Gerald Abraham

Siena by Jason Godby

The Sawmill by Juan Siquier

DBT Cafe by Juan Siquier

New York Street by Simone Vassallo

Hausnummer42 by Fredi Voss

Beach House by J. Carlos Ponce

Lonely Town by Paul Tamin

Farnsworth House by Alessandro Prodan

Meccano Action by Hany Malek

Sunny Afternoon by Nelis

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