30 Incredible and Inspirational Surreal Photomanipulations

Surreal art is one of the most popular styles of art on the web today, because it allows artists to push the bounds both conceptually and visually.  Iconicized by some of the works of traditional artists such as Salvador Dali, the digital era has led to the rapid growth of the style and some truly inspirational artworks.

We’ve gathered up 30 incredibly inspirational surreal photomanipulations and digital artworks from artists around the globe.  Whether it’ s darker and emotional, or brighter and clean, these artworks showcase just a few of the awesome talents in the surreal genre.


Take Me Where the Flowers Grow by simbelmine

Atutiplen by Jerico Santander

It Was the Gardener by JaneDoe87

Assembler by Kosmur

Desktopography by Jerico Santander

Lost Boat by Silvia15

The Soul Memory by PRO

We All Fall by Jerico Santander

Dream Factory by singletree

Red Apple by David Fuhrer

Telefantasy by ishbu

Idee Fixe by voogee

The Lark at Heaven’s Gate Sings by Ee Venn Soh

Silver Maiden by Ee Venn Soh

Paint by adnrey

Holding Back the Flood by arcipello

Needles by Onur Senturk

Conceptual and Surreal by Andreea Anghel

Where’s My Lamp by JaneDoe87

60538 by Kubicki

Firewater by sagitarii

CORE by adnrey

Smoking Kills by Uribaani

Own World by Jerico Santander

Arrested Expansion by George Grie

Foundation of Broken Hearts by damnengine

Music is Life. Music is Art. by waltribeiro

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