30 Incredible 3D Robots from the Future

Humanity loves robots.  Our ability to create devices that can mimic and simulate human behavior and intelligence is one that has fascinated recent generations.  Whether it’s a robot designed to help on the international space station, or an army of battle droids ruling the battlefields, robots can be used for good or evil, and can be loveable icons like Wall-E, or infamous Terminators designed to assassinate select individuals.

The best way to visualize a robot, aside from building one, is to use 3D to create it.  So, in this post, we’ve gathered up 30 incredible 3D robots that we might even see in the future.  Naturally, some memorable robots made the list as well, including Transformers, Terminators and Wall-E.

Enjoy the artworks, and please, if you like these posts, help share them.

Junk by Jacob Saariaho

Qiro Wave by Leo Cocca

Robot Chip Reader by bergie81

Machine-Flesh by Bernardo Delgado

Robot in Disguise by spybg

Monkey on Your Back by Par Tingstrom

The Cingularity by Mehran Khan

Terminator T-X by Vasiliy Drozdov

Robot Carriste by Christophe Bouchet

Automaton by Kazuhiko Nakamura

Phoenix by ArsXC

Wall-E by Haralds Bukshs

Unpredictable Contact by Wei Ming

Bumblebee by Ben Proctor

Joybot by Lee Davies

Mechanoids by Kolichemko Sergey

Kanti by HaDDes

Robots Presentation by HaDDes

Mechanical Scorpion by Banshee

Blue Robot by Reda Bahou

Old Robot by Julien Chiari

Matilda by Mutlu Kulic

Terminator T750 by Stanislav Erdesh

Spectrum XL 12 by Martijn van Dam

Saz-F by d0rn

Cockroach by Dennis Hoppe

Dronez Robot by Hugh Rich

Robotina by ziopredy

Spectacular – The Heist by Martin Sen

Urz-T by Dorn

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