30 Heart-Wrenching Natural Disaster Photographs

Natural disasters occur every so often in various parts of the world, and can range from forest fires and volcanic eruptions to avalanches and blizzards, as well as hurricanes, tornados and tsunamis.  Whenever a natural disaster occurs, it has wide reaching impacts on local and global ecosystems, and brave photographs often venture to capture natural disaster photography.

In this post, we’ve gathered up 30 heart-wrenching natural disaster photographs ranging from forest fire photography, blizzard photography, hurricane photography, tsunami photography, landslide photography, avalanche photography and tornado photography.  Out of respect for the victims of the recent earthquake, tsunami and nuclear incident in Japan, we have not included any photographs of this tragic event, however, we would encourage you to consider donating to charities that will assist the people of Japan and victims of the disasters there.

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Fire and Ice by Mitchell Krog

Montana Wildfire by Chris Lombardi

Campo, Colorado by Matt Clark

Tornado Waterspout by MaldenDj

Tornado Maker by brandonj74

Tornado in Paradise by Fasil Basymeleh

Images of Hurricane by Mike Hollingshead

Hurricane Felix by NASA

Apocalypse by Jordi Gallego

Thunderbolt over the Sea by nini_filippini

Storm Chase by Doug Roane

The Anger of Zeus by Pedro Paiz

Bolt from the Black by Andrew Styan

Tsunami by TsunamiPenang

Atlanta is Flooded by Rashard&Erika

Flooding in Chehalis by Bruce Ely

Manila Flooding by Brandon Hoover

Haiti Earthquake by the American Red Cross

Haiti Earthquake by UN Development

Forest Fire by Soren W

Forest Fire by parka81

Black Mountain by Orvar Atli

Stromboli Eruption by Thomas Reichart

Eruption 2010 by James Appleton

Iceland Eruption by Siggurdsson

Avalanche by SPeter

Frantic Digging by Glacier Tim

Nile Valley Landslide by WSDOT

China Earthquake by Nick Kozak

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