30 Cute, Creative and Refreshing Vector Wallpapers

Vector artworks can cover a wide variety of subjects, including landscapes, cartoon characters, typography, advertising, and more.  By combining the power of illustration with clever concepts and a well selected color palette, artists can achieve stunning and vibrant effects.

In this post, we’ve gathered up 30 cute, creative and refreshing vector wallpapers.  From relaxing floating islands, to amusing parodies involving food, you’ll find some great desktop wallpapers that will be sure to brighten your day whenever you look at them.

Some more free wallpapers we have posted in the past:-

Let us know which is your favorite!

Fantasy Island by celsojunior

Fantasy Island Vector Wallpaper

One Planet v3 by harajukumatt

One Planet Vector Wallpaper

Mr. Chirpy, Noooo! by Teaspoons

Mr. Chirpy, Nooooooooooooooooo Wallpaper Pack

Disco by celsojunior

Disco Vector Wallpaper

isoCologne by Yofikus

isoCologne Vector Wallpaper

Star Brigade by jugga-lizzle

Star Brigade Vector Wallpaper

Inspiration by scz

Inspiration Wallpaper by scz

Merry Christmas by chopeh

Merry Christmas Vector Wallpaper

Monstaz by ivan_bliznak

Monztas Vector Wallpaper

The Wolf by Rodier

The Wolf Vector Wallpaper

Colorama by Yofikus

Colorama Vector Wallpaper

Frog by Chico21net

Frog by chicho21net

Punks not Dead by Chronos2006

Punk's Not Dead Vector Wallpaper

MouthWateringGoodness by Weirdink

Mouth Watering Goodness Vector Wallpaper

8 Arm Creature by Lucero

8 Arm Creature Vector Wallpaper

A Unicorn by Rodier

A Unicorn by Rodier

Little Happy Hilly Wallpapers

Little Happy Hilly Wallpaper

I Didn’t Mean You’re Fat by maquita

I Didn't Mean You're Fat by Maquita Vector Wallpaper

My Music by pincel3d

My Music by Pincel3D Vector Wallpaper

Monsters Escaped by giorgos93

Mosters Escaped by Giorgos93 Vector Wallpaper

Play by StarFantazy

Play by StarFantazy Vector Wallpaper

Surprise by 00Velvet00Dreams00

Surprise Vector Wallpaper

Rainbow Sheep by MixedMilkChocolate

Rainbow Sheep Vector Wallpaper

Super Mario by bad blood

Super Mario by bad blood

Let’s Share a Rainbow by Giorgos93

Let's Share a Rainbow by Giorgos93 Vector Wallpaper

Hug an Emo by Ya3

Hug an Emo by Ya3

Fall by imrik

Fall by imrik

Family by Ilona

Family by Ilona

Colors by PanicTape

Colors by PanicTape

Heaven Flowers by AIKArt

Heaven Flowers by AIKArt

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