30 Creative Toy Photographs

Toys have a special place in people’s hearts, as most of us grew up playing with our favorite action figures, TV or movie characters, dolls, legos, or other toys.  Although we tend to abandon our toys as we get older, the fond memories remain, and of course, some photographers decide to use this to their advantage in creative photography.

Here you’ll find 30 examples of creative toy photography that will make you reminisce about your childhood and will also show you some great examples of digital photography.

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Enjoy the photographs!

Oh Noes by Chris McVeigh

Toy Story by Kimberlyg

The Big Toy Hunt’s Zombie by Matn

Toys on Roids Postcard by Sean Tubridy

The Last Crusade by Ed McGowan

Like Toy Soldiers by Propaganda Panda

Gorillaz by Brian McCarty

Stormtroopers Picnic by Marc

Cammy and Guile by Zelevol

Stormtroopers 365 Behind the Scenes by Stefan Le Du

Spiderman vs Green Goblin by Zelevol

Why I’m Going to Work for Zoomr by Thomas Hawk

Superman Forever by powerpee

Lose him! by Icedsoul

Joker by Zelevol

1st Day of School by Gary Ngo

Iron Man by Zelevol

Muttley by Jeff Farmer

Stand Together by John O’Nolan

The Inconvenient Flaw of the Y-Wing by Avanaut

Mario by bibamat

Cupcake Toy Bokeh by renan viana

Showtime by Chris McVeigh

Kinderkeh by Dave Cohen

For Gnomeregan by Ed McVeigh

Avioncitos by Jose Valiente

Quotes by Romain Ballez

Let’s Go Surfing by Stefan De Lu

Stormtrooper by Chris McVeigh

The Egg Choice by Thomas Collins

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