30 Colorful Festive Christmas and Holiday Bokeh Photographs

Bokeh photography is the process of utilizing depth of field and focus to cause lights to become rendered out of focus into shapes of light.  While bokeh can sometimes be frustrating for beginning photographers, it has also emerged as a unique technique of its own that has grown into a large style in photography, and we previous wrote about eye catching bokeh photographs.

Christmas bokeh photos work especially well, because holiday lights are perfect for use in bokeh photographs, as they are numerous but not overpowering, which allows photographers to create a variety of styles of holiday bokeh photos.  Here you’ll find 30 colorful and festive Christmas bokeh photography examples.

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Love by Open Arms

HBW by Shereen M.

Dark Christmas by wchild

Day 4 by Phil Peck

500mm HBW by Kevin Dooley

Lick by HorizontalIntegration

Twilight Before Christmas by MojoFire

Christmas Bokeh by Sea Legs

Holiday Spirit by Palm Trees and Flip Flops

Snowflakes by Andy Schultz

Ho-ho-Homer by Patrick Simpson

Hannah by Rick Bailey

Christmas Carol by Brandon Huang

Let It Snow by Kirsten McKee

Christmas Bokeh by Adam Foster

What Do You Want Santa to Bring You by moaan

The Magic of Christmas Bokeh by Kevin Dooley

On the 11th Day of Christmas by Daniel Go

Holiday Bokeh by K

A Hint of Gold by Mukumbura

Gracie by Pete

Dreaming in Gold by BlackJack0919

Day 100 by DeLaDominique

Festive Lantern by AcidicGlamour

Christmas Tree Candlelight by Circulating

Coffee, Tea or Bokeh by meppol

Snowflake by Pete1987

Happy Bubble Bokeh by Reid Gilman

Noel by Denis Colette

Candycane by Katherine Gruender

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