30 Breathtaking Landscape Photographs to Refresh Your Mind

With the fast pace of modern life, one of the main things that we miss out on is the ability to appreciate the natural majestic beauty of nature.  While cities, transportation, and technology often make for interesting photographic subjects, they rarely compare to the beauty of the natural world.

Since it’s often difficult to escape into nature, this post brings nature one step closer to you, with a breathtaking collection of 30 landscape photographs that will refresh your mind, leave you inspired and help reinvigorate you no matter what the rest of your day has in store.

Enjoy the photographs, and have a beautiful day!

Far and Away by Eric70

Landscape Photographs

Mist Mountain Colors by Marc Adamus

Mist Mountain Colors Landscape Photograph

Gate to Yosemite Valley by Hahn Huynh

Landscape Photograph

New Brighton by Nick Walton

New Brighton Landscape Photograph

With Ash from the Volcano by Raymo

With Ash from the Volcano Landscape Photograph

Cold Night by Eskil Olsen

Cold Night Landscape Photograph

Calm and Still by Willy Suwandhi

Calm and Still Landscape Photograph

Angel Oak

Angel Oak Landscape Photograph

Rice Terrace by Lookingeyes

Rice Terrace Landscape Photograph

A Well Placed Seat by magdalengreen

A Well Placed Seat Landscape Photograph

Landscape Photo by Masoud Ali

Landscape Photograph

Maldivian Sunset by Richard Mohler

Maldivian Sunset Landscape Photograph

All Alone by Jeanette Oerlemans

All Alone Landscape Photograph

Tranquility by Marc Adamus

Tranquility Landscape Photograph

Canyon Storm by Gale Rainwater

Canyon Storm by Gale Rainwater

Ocean’s Fury by Marc Adamus

Ocean's Fury by Marc Adamus

Misty by Matjaz Cater

Misty Landscape Photograph

Eden by FallingJune

Eden Landscape Photograph

Song of Tide by Wima Nurmansurya

Song of Tide Landscape Photograph

Power of Nature by Raymo

Power of Nature by Raymo

Volcano by Peter Lik

Volcano Landscape Photograph

Northern Light by Mark Broughton

Northern Light Landscape Photograph

Ignacu Falls by Frans Lanting

Ignacu Falls Landscape Photograph

Thor’s Well by mm767cap

Thor's Well Landscape Photograph

Bonneville Salt Flats at Night by Richardson

Bonneville Salt Flats Landscape Photograph

Clearing Storm over Yosemite Valley by Edward Mendes

Clearing Storm over Yosemite Valley Landscape Photograph

Piva Canyon by Shohunkin

Piva Canyon Landscape Photograph

Blue Canary by Ursula Abresch

Blue Canary Landscape Photograph

Sidari by Krzysztof Broko

Sidari Landscape Photograph

Dreamy Landscape by Przemyslaw Kruk

Dreamy Landscape Photograph

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