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30 Awesome iPhone App Design Inspiration UIs


iPhone app design is one of the fastest growing areas in design, because of the rapid growth of the iOS platform and the possibilities for making money in the iPhone app store.  Thus, many designers are starting to specialize in mobile application design, specifically iPhone application design, as a way of distinguishing themselves from other designers.

iPhone app designs can range from iPhone game designs, iPhone music app designs, to finance app designs and others.  Because the screen space is limited, designers have to make good use of the real estate and come up with some clever ways to collapse or expand content within their iPhone app design.

In this post, we’ve gathered up 30 awesome iPhone app interfaces to inspire you.

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Enjoy these examples of iPhone app design!

iPhone Game Design

LayerWords iPhone App Design

iCatalogue iPhone app design

Trivia iPhone app design

Weatherwise iPhone app design

Number Jogging iPhone app design

Memorable Meals iPhone app design

Speed.Dial iPhone app design iPhone app design

Jump and Fly iPhone app design


iPhone Game UI

iPhone Shopping List


SevenSnap iPhone App

Intro to Math

Project App

Batak iPhone App

On This Day App

NotifyMe 2 Interface

Steinway Metronome Interface

Taska Interface

Fruit Ninja App

Etude Interface

Beats App

Convert App

Mint App

SoundCloud App

Fishing Calendar App

Be Happy Now

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