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30 Amazing Digital Paintings of Celebrities


Celebrities are always the center of attention, whether they are acting in a feature film, starring on a TV show, performing a song during a concert, or playing in an athletic contest.  Because of the high profile nature and facial memorability of celebrities, they are often the subject of digital artworks, as they allow artists to practice their skills while using photographic references or memory to create a finished product that has an identity.

In this post, we’ve rounded up 30 amazing digital paintings of various celebrities, including Megan Fox, Snoop Dogg, Bob Marley, Hugh Laurie and others.  You’ll recognize many, if not all, of the faces below, and you might even recognize what role they are portraying in a given scene.

Hope you like the paintings, and let us know what you think in the comments!

Megan Fox by alessioradice
Jimi Hendrix by artcova
Liv Tyler by thesoulcanwait
Mr. Laurie by Skye of Cydonia
Portrait of a Madman by FrankW2
Eva Longoria by Linuska
Nancy Botwin by GlacierFusion
Keira Knightley by BinaDog
Natalie Portman by Ailidh
Johnny Depp by Monkey Jack
John Lennon by artcova
Angelina Jolie by padisio
Mel Gibson by Liquid 86
Lisa Edelstein by callsignKateJones
Snoop Dogg by cheatingly
Sarah Michelle Gellar by humbugle
Cristina Scabbia by orgo
Will Smith by Paul915
Hillary Duff by mstrueblue
Jason Bourne by velvetcat
Josh Holloway by linuska
Christina Aguilera by untrue
Natalie Portman by ShadCarlos
Gerald Butler by thesoulcanwait
Ewan McGregor by mcbdesign
Kanye West by GlazKrak
Jack Sparrow by gabbyd70
Mary Jane by Sympho
Britney Spears by Linuska
Bob Marley by artcova

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