25 Incredible and Lifelike CG Animals

As with all potential subjects, the incredible growth of computer graphics has allowed lifelike and creative animals to be created using 3D techniques.  Whether it’s rendering and animation for a film, TV commercial, advertisement, or just for practice, CG artists have managed to create incredibly detailed, lifelike, and in some cases, amusing CG animals.

Here at CreativeFan, we’ve rounded up 25 awesome CG animals in this showcase, so you can see some of the cool and incredible animals that artists have managed to create.

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The Glory by Vlad Lazarev

New Generation of Working Class by Platige Studios

Galapagos Giant Tortise by eoincannon

Great White by Tredistudio

Giant Crab by Seagulls Fly

Carrot’s Guardian by Baolongzhang

Anemone and Fish by Ivan Stalio

Gangsta Chimp by Matt Ciofi

Fall Birds by LoadedBrush

The Might of the People by cernlois

Polar Bear  by msampio

Don’t Feed Fingers to Animals by Massi Morighi

Inside the Jungle by Pollolomo

After Rain by John Carry

Tiger by MahmoudCG

Forgaging by HiBadu

Snail Anatomy by FunnyDoodle

Hiding in the Leaves by Zjic

Wolf by Massi Morighi

Iguana by Ehko

Gorilla by Tkio

Rhino by Mariano Steiner

Sanctuary by Darker Musings

Howling by Massi Morighi

Chimpanzee by Tkio

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