25 Creative Packaging Designs for Beverages

If you can grab the attention of your audience from the store shelf, then you certainly have succeeded in creating effective packaging designs. Sometimes all it takes is a fresh, new, and creative design, but of course it still has to appeal to the target audience. The following beverage labels and packaging design are definitely creative and inspiring, not just because of the design itself but also because of how well the design matches the product.

Take a look and let the excellent work below encourage you to greatness, whether you are designing packaging, business cards, or websites.

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Captain Ahab Lager

Its always nice when a name lends itself so nicely to creative design. Captain Ahab and his whale never looked so good.

Lovells Lager

Adding different designs to each bottle makes each a conversation piece.

Stranger Absinthe

This bottle is very classy in gold metallic. The slick black case adds a nice touch.

L’Donatelle Earl Grey Tea

This Earl Grey Tea box is pretty enough to be collectible.

Thorsteinn Beer

This creative drink label is a wonderful conversation piece. The novelty makes you want to buy it just for the packaging.

Mount Tea

These clever little mountain boxes are artistic and memorable.

Ardiles Voignier

This label reflects through the bottle which not only creates intrigue but also inspires a drink.

Vastinac Wine

This is not your average wine label. Steering away from the norm can get you noticed.

Les Tropeziennes Water

Changing the shape altogether is inspiring. The pretty colors make them look good enough to drink.

Sesto Senso Coffee

Fun and nostalgic images make us smile and encourage sharing with a friend.

Spanish White Guerrilla

A little humor and novelty are part of great design.

Tencha Ice Tea

The beautiful splash of color really pops on the stark white labels.

Golden Moscow

The cool shape and masculine type on this label definitely speak to its target audience.

Rivet Energy Drink

These rusty old bottle really catches your attention. And they are sure to get a comment from your friends.

Profira Brandy

I love the clean and sophisticated look of these pottery style bottles.

Seven Sins Wine

The classy and fun element to these labels match the brand name perfectly.

Kozari: The Goat Keepers

The packaging of this brand helps to tell the story behind the name.

Irving Farm Coffee

The look of nostalgia adds some charm to these coffee packages.

Better Half Blonde Ale

The subtle humor on this clean design makes an impression that is sure to last.

One Tree Iced Coffee

This clever label makes the iced coffee look officially good to drink.

Curious Nature Wine

Curious design is what you need for a label of Curious Wine.

Coca Cola and Daft Punk

Metallic labels of Coca Cola with Daft Punk really makes an impact.

Stillier Dry Gin

The shape and clean design of this bottle is pretty enough to be a collectible.

Peeze Coffee

What a beautifully simple design. The faces send the message without a lot of words and they make you want to collect them all.

Glow Mixed Drink

It doesn’t take more than some colorful stripes to make this drink look interesting enough to buy.

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