22 Interesting Facts About Dreams You Didn’t Know About

Sleeping is our favorite part of the day. Sometimes we want to sleep deliberately and sometimes sleep drags us into bed involuntarily. However, dreams are mysterious pieces of visualizations and perceptions which are yet beyond our control. Every one of us experiences dreams in our head, every night. While some hold it well, some forget it right after bed.

Dreams have fascinated mankind since the ancient times and have been labelled sacred, a source of extrasensory perceptions, memory consolidation processes, simulations and lately the concept of lucid dreaming is gaining immense importance. We have gathered for you 22 fascinating facts which will unfold some of the secrets associated with this magical process of dreams.

People blind since birth also do experience Vivid Visual Dreams

Blind Dreams

A group of scientists led by Bertolo H, performed an experiment on 10 blind and 9 sighted people with regards to the prevailing myth that congenitally blind people lack images in their dreams. They were asked to draw the imagery of their dreams everyday for a certain amount of days. To their surprise no differences were felt in the overall content of dream imagery of the two groups. Nevertheless, blind subjects had a lower rate of recall of their dreams than their sighted counterparts.

When you are dreaming, even if your eyes are taped open, you are absolutely disconnected from the world around you.

Dreaming With Eyes Open

Some scientists claim that it is the closure of the “thalamic gate” in the brain, which disables the moderate sensory stimuli to enter the highly active cortex during dreaming. However, if someone throws a jug of cold water at you, he gets a good spanking for blowing up your fantasy world into tiny bubbles.

Dreams are a source of precognition and foreknowledge

Dreams and Premonitions

Abraham Lincoln dreamt about his assassination. The survivors of titanic saw the drowning of the ship in their dreams. Some 9/11 victims claimed they had had a dream about a terrorist event. Whether it is just coincidence, or really a premonition, it still remains doubtful.

Dream process bears a double edged sword

Effects of Dreams

While the problems and bad events of your last day are reflected in your dreams (sometimes like a nightmare), they also lay a deep impact on your next day. It is believed, that the creativity and mood of your next day depends on your dreams, especially if have a good recall memory for your dreams.

The Greeks believed the dreams to be messages from their Gods

Greek Dreams

Ancient Greeks were so obsessed about the divine nature of dreams that they often used to sleep at sacred places to communicate with their gods in dreams.

Men Dream Differently than Women

Men and Women Dreams

While the dream content of men is mostly other men and aggressive emotions, women claim to see equal number of men and women in their dreams with a more polite imagery.

You can change your habits and addictions with lucid dreaming

 lucid dreaming

Lucid dreaming is a state of consciousness with some features of awakened state and some of the dreaming state. Even people have been relieved of nightmares through the beneficial process of lucid dreaming.

People with black and white TV used to experience only colorless dreams

Black And White Dreams

Even 10 – 12 % of the today’s color-media viewers have black and white dreams.

Scientists claim dreams to be a source of Personal Insight

Personal Insight

Every Night an average person experiences 3-5 Different Dreams

Dream Count

We forget 90% of the Dreams we experience at night

Dreams Forgotten

Kids dream about themselves only after age 3.

Dreams of Kids

There is a certain amount of time lapse between the voice and lip moment of a person in your dreams

Dreams and Communication

You Never Dream About A Person You Don’t Know

Dreaming about Strangers

In fact the people who appear to be strangers in your dreams are the ones your mind has subconsciously seen sometime somewhere in the past.

People who dream during the day actually have sharper brains

Day Dreaming

Dream Engineering

Dream Engineering

Scientists can now control what animals dream about, who knows one day that will progress to humans.

Around 4000 BC, the Egyptians created the first Dictionary about Dream Interpretation.

Dream Interpretation.

While you are Snoring, you are not Dreaming at all

Snoring Dreaming

During REM sleep, men get erections, while the women folk have increased blood flow to their genitals

REM Sleep Erection

Females experience Déjà vu more than their Respective Counterparts

Deja Vu and Gender

Lee Hadwin is a nurse by day and an artist in his dream world while sleeping

Lee Hadwin

If someone wakes you up every night at the beginning of your REM sleep, you are sure to turn into a schizophrenic.

Sleep and Schizophrenia


Dreams to a normal person are just a part of a relaxing refreshing sleep. So, have a good dinner, take a deep breath and go to the dream world. Who knows reality could actually be a dream and you just wake up while you are seemingly dreaming?

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