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20 Wall Art Ideas to Give Your Room A Whole New Look


For designers, it is always a pride to showcase their works of art.  Some draw well using plain papers, and canvas while others opt to work with textiles or even recycled materials. Many don’t find a problem in creating a new design, but they admit they encounter some when they search for a venue to display their designs.  The better way to express art is when you have a sure chance that you’ll have an audience who will praise, criticize, marvel, or even find inspiration to your masterpieces.  While some artists have adopted forms of street art, others showcase their designs all over the web.  But there is another way to get everyone to see your art.

How could you do that?  Using your walls will do.

Wall art could be done using different ways. You’ll be the one to choose how you like it to be done. In this article, I have collected wall art ideas for your eyes to feast on. Enjoy!

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Enjoy these creative wall art ideas!

Wall Art Ideas:

Print and Paste

One way to make wall art is to print a design and paste it on the wall, as such the case for the samples below.


Paint It

Of course, you can use the walls to paint what you have in mind. You can treat them like any other plain paper.


Scribble Something

Some designers find it more comfortable to draw using pencils or pens rather then get some help from paint brushes. It maybe tiresome but definitely worth the effort.


Try Wall Papers

If you want to make things easier, why not try wall papers. For all you know, with an instant, they can give you a whole new stylish wall. Your visitors will never be disappointed.


Combine to Create

You can create an art just by using plain-looking frames, pictures, or cutouts. How to do it? Just make them work together.


Wall art allows you to be creative and to be practical at the same time. You can have a design and even use it as a decoration. It merges creative juices with interior design. The best part is, your works could have as many spectators as you would allow it.

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