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20 Reasons Why Australia is the Country of Badass’dom


Australia might be one of the most beautiful countries in the world with all its landscapes, architecture, lighting and “animals” but there is a catch. If you are planning to visit Australia, be warned that there are plenty of deadly animals on prowl that can inject lethal doses causing excruciating pain or even death.  Well, that might seem a little too overboard, so we have collected some of the most bad-ass images that will give you a gist of what we are talking about; You Be the judge.

That is quite an interesting and scary place to find a snake in. You might want to be the master of your environment next time you take a dump.

We admit, a snake eating a lizard is not as pleasing an image as we thought.

That’s the least place you’d expect a snake. Well, that’s badass Australia for you.

What a pleasing sight it is to see a shark in a golfing ground. It’s almost like a dream come true!

Yet another pleasant sight of a shark, most people would ‘risk dying’ to have a shark on their side.

After sharks, Crocs are the next ‘least dangerous’ animals you would definitely want to see near surfing grounds.

The sheer size of this crocodile makes us wonder about the authenticity of this image, but then, it is Australia; Anything is possible here.

A scary sight of spiders during floods that inundated Australia back in 2012.

This is a Giant Gippsland earthworm and it is one of Australia’s  native earthworm species. These giant earthworms average 1 metre long and 2 centimetres in diameter and can reach 3 metres in length, however as their body is able to expand and contract making them appear much larger.

Mole crickets famous for their sharp shovel like forelimbs are capable of burrowing through many obstacles, if confined.

A giant jelly fish can sometimes show up out of nowhere, in Australia.

Irukandji jellyfish is probably the most dangerous creature of Australia, plus the fact that it is just the size of a thumbnail makes it even more dangerous. It is believed that this little guy’s venom is about 100 times more potent than the venom of a cobra.

It is  quite obvious till now that everything about Australia is quite humongous. And when it hails in Australia, there is no exception, as is obvious from these Hail stones that bombarded Australia’s Sunshine coast in November 2013. To give you a little perspective, we present an image with pool balls between these huge hail stones.

If you think that snakes are the most dangerous reptiles in Australia, think again, because giant centipedes of Australia can gulp down even snakes in a jiffy.

Grey Headed Flying fox is native to Australia and it is paradoxically the only animal we portrayed here that looks fiercer than it actually is.

Cassowaries are flightless birds of Australia, next only to ostrich and emu in size. They are usually docile, but when provoked they are capable of inflicting agonising injuries to pets and people.

Conus are predatory snails of Australia may look are colorful and vibrant but their sting can cause damages anywhere ranging from a simple hornet/bee type sting to a fatal death shot.

Finding a snake in a public store isn’t a rare sight in Australia, as is quite evident from the casual response of people in this apparel store.

Recognized as one of the world’s most venomous creature, Blue Ringed Octopus despite of its tiny size and docile nature can prove deadly to humans. Especially because there is no anti-toxin as of now.

If everything posted so far wasn’t spooky enough, we present a deadly water body that can cause contagious “Amoebic Meningitis”.

Despite of all the perils that surround Australia, it still is one of the most beautiful place to visit or live in because of all the other not so “badass things” that surround it.

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