20 Illustrator Tutorials that Will Make You a Better Designer

Illustrator is an essential part of a designer’s workflow, but for those of us who learned Photoshop and rely heavily on it, Illustrator can seem confusing, and at times, unwieldy.  However, once you learn Illustrator, you can integrate it into your workflow and drastically increase the number of creative effects in your design arsenal.

Here you’ll find 20 high quality Adobe Illustrator tutorials that will make you a better designer and teach you valuable Illustrator techniques.

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Type Illustration Project: Experimental Workflow

Create an Artistic Watercolor Ad with Photoshop and Illustrator

Create a Beautiful Vector Illustration

An Illustrator’s Project from Start to Finish

Making of “Jamukha, Got Milk?”

Create a Colorful Environmental Slice

Make Abstract Typography Art with Illustrator

Create Stunningly Detailed Typography with Illustrator

Create a Variety of Script Lettering

Create a Glowing Neon Sign using the Appearance Pallette

Design a Sweet Linework and Typography Combo

Discover Tattoo Illustration Techniques

Create a Crafts-Inspired Vector Kids Illustration

Create a Maneater Vector Girl

Add Depth to Your Art with Shading Techniques

Illustrate a Luminous Vector Sunset

Scary But Cute Monster in Illustrator

Create an Awesome Space Rocket Avatar

Create an Entangled Letter Illustration

Explore New-Folk Illustration Styles

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