20+ Fantastic Female Fantasy Illustrations and Photomanipulations

Fantasy illustrations are a favorite for many, maybe because the imagination can really run wild in the creation process. Add a beautiful woman into the scene, and you have a stunning piece of art that speaks to nearly anyone. Damsels in distress, she-devils, dragon fighters — a woman can become nearly any character desired and viewers still recognize her femininity. This fantastic retention of the female form is exactly what the artists featured below accomplish.

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Female Fantasy Illustrations

The following images are part of an inspiring collection of female fantasy illustrations on deshow.net. Browse through the other images on this site for some more beautiful art. All are free in this collection, so use them for posters, website art, on a postcard printing design, or simply as wallpaper for your desktop.

Brom Art

Check out some incredibly creative dark fantasy illustrations from Brom. The last two images below titled Sekeu and Lady of the Lake are from his novel A Child Thief, a frightening retelling of Peter Pan.

Yuehui Tang

The most eye-catching aspect of the beautiful girl in this illustration is her sorrowful, wistful expression. Her outfit and the swirl effects are also amazing.

Dan Dos Santos

Santos has an incredible portfolio, one that everyone should browse through. His realistic illustrations are very original and full of minute details, brilliant use of color, and life-like characters. All of the images below Santos designed for novels.

Sacha Diener

Much of Diener’s fantasy art depict women at war, but he also draws the occasional angelic female or damsel in distress. No matter the subject, his art is amazingly creative.

Andy Fairhurst

This very talented artist has a large gallery of fantasy paintings and illustrations that you really should check out. His use of color is inspiring, and his images are stunningly realistic.

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