20 Brilliant Modern Brochure Design Ideas

Brochure templates need to match the branding identity of the given company or event, as well as expressing something about the content and information in the brochure.   Additionally, modern brochure designs need to be easy to read while still being eye-catching.  Thus, brochure design inspiration can be incredibly valuable for developing brochure design ideas.

In this post, we’ve gathered up 20 brilliant brochure examples that are some of the best brochure design styles around.

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Truth Brochure Branding

Intuition Skate Brochure

Ashton Court Festival

Reynolda Village Branding

Nick Cave Brochure

Dominion Cornerstone

Impact Brochure



Vertex Climbing Store

NTU Art 2

European Course for Contemporary Art



THSC Helena

Office National


British High School of Art and Design

Lake Shore Brochure


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