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20 Beautiful and Inspiring Food Package Designs


Humans base nearly all of their decisions at least partly on aesthetics, including everything from what product to buy and which person to date.  In the food industry, studies have shown that perception of taste and quality is highly influenced by the presentation.  The same meal will taste quite different depending on the presentation, which is why many chefs invest significant time and effort in the presentation.  For packaged foods, the same rules apply, so many companies invest time and money in making appealing and innovative package designs.

This post showcases 20 beautiful and inspiring package designs for a variety of foods and drinks, including coffee, tea, cookies, and bodybuilding drinks.  Even if you’re not a package designer, you’ll still wish these products were available in your local grocery store.


Yarmarka Platinum

Rodgers Sugar


Goat Island Pepper Sauce

Ice Cream Cup Bobblers

Cappuccino Moka

Elit Vodka

Tea Packaging

Herbal Tea

Tetra Fish Food

Dilmit Packaging

Classical Muscle

La Sirena

Sir Kensington’s Gourmet Ketchup

Sweet Spot Cookies

MaryPat Pastries

Level Ground Coffee

Tang Premium

World Expo Shanghai


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