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16 Things That Are Just Never As Good After College


Most people would agree that college days are some of the very best days of life. Not only because of all the fun and excitement but also because there are many things that were safe to do or even encouraged in college. But today they are equally embarrassing or frowned upon. In this post we have collected 16 such things that are never as good as college to help you smile while you reminisce.

Mid-Day Naps

Napping during any portion of the day seemed so normal during college days because it automatically reflected hangover or any of the after effects of a hard party/study night. But now, it doesn’t seem as normal a thing as it used to, as a mid-day nap can bring a shower of suggestions and retrospection about your life, including maybe a free advice to consult a shrink.

Making New Friends

Go to a party or a hangout and within no time you could make so many friends that you lost count. But after college it becomes almost as impossible. Even a slightest effort towards making a new friend seems like an evil act out of desperation.

Eating Junk

Food is probably the best thing that you could have during college without showing any signs of regret. But now, anything that we eat almost instantly turns into fat pockets and a lot of poignancy.


Getting laid in college is almost as easy as buying a condom, that is because most people share the same boning goals. But outside college things become quite difficult and more than just weird.

Wearing Pajamas

No one judges you based on the basis of what you were in college, or even if they do, they sure won’t make any comment. But as soon as you pass the threshold of age 22, wearing pajamas becomes a social “stigma” and draws many unpleasant observations and remarks.

Red Plastic Beer Cups

Red Plastic cups were standard hand-to-mouth alcohol delivery systems back in college. After that, standard polished classy glasses just take the charm away from simple sheer alcohol pleasure.

Party Anthem

Back in college a party anthem successfully rushed enough adrenaline into everyone so that they all joined in, screamed, danced and enjoyed every bit of the jam. Now, if you somehow get the courage to scream a “party anthem” on the top of your lungs, all you will probably get back is incompetent looks from Ke$ha, Pitbull nincompoops.


In addition to all the fun that one has in college, the main goal of learning still remains of utmost importance. Learning new things comes easily in colleges but that withers as quickly after college. You develop so much bitter taste for knowledge that every time you hear any technical information, you either close your ears or just pretend you are enjoying it, when actually you are making mental plots to kill that person.

House Parties

A house full of drunk-strangers, hard music, and naked stupid people seems an ideal fun party night only in college. Fast forward a few years and all of it is replaced with boring board games and 11:PM ‘bye bye’ party busters.

Theme Parties

Wearing costumes based on a sexually provocative theme or future sci-fi concept upped the party fun by at-least 5%. But after college if you are seen wearing a costume on any day other than Halloween, you are sure to observe abundant face palms on your way.

Drinking Games

Whether it is a game of beer pongs or flip cups, alcohol sports are taken seriously and played with spirit in college. After college however, even if you get the courage to play drinking games in front of all the people, there is no winning pride, appreciation or any spirit involved whatsoever.


As much as you loved or hated going to the library in college, one thing is for sure, it is the only time in your life when you sit near the piles of old book without being depressed.

Pulling an All-nighter

Pulling an all-nighter is bad no matter what. But in college finishing up an assignment at the eleventh hour gives a sense of accomplishment and complacence. Well, good luck with that after college, because even if you do pull a successful all-nighter, you’re going to have to make up for the sleep debt for weeks; that is only if you don’t get mad in the first place.


Moving on from one bar to another is normal and pretty exciting thing to do in college. Because there is a fair chance of meeting new people and making new memories in the process. While after college even thinking about going to one bar becomes a cumbersome idea.


Yelling is a bold and fun thing to do in colleges but after graduation yelling translates into “terrible/indecent person” category.

Public Vomiting

Public vomiting after alcohol overdose doesn’t even raise an eyebrow in college. While after graduation the same action will sure drag comments like “Whooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaa there, buddy.”

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