11 Fantastic Resource Sites for Web Designers

It is quite obvious that at some point of time we require some help and look out for quality information. Thankfully Web World has provided much help as we can now come across a wide variety of information with a few mouse clicks. But when we visit different sites and get the required information, we forget the designers behind those sites who also require the same help to sort their queries or may like to have information pertaining to their field.

Therefore, in this article we are going to present a collection of some useful resource sites for our designer friends which they can refer and in fact must refer.

Most of us also have our own, lesser known resource sites that we go to.  So please, share yours in the comments and help grow the community.



It is one site that every designer will get glued to as it offers a plethora of information related to web industry whether it is current news, new technology, social media, analysis, reviews and what not. As a resource site, Mashable offers only the best.

A List Apart

An excellent online magazine for designers and developers, the site covers comprehensively several topics related to web design and development. It is a must visit site as it is a great source of information.

Smashing Magazine

Once you visit this site, you cannot help but frequent it for it presents articles, tutorials, news and shares insights on web techniques and tools. It has a strong Smashing Network which makes you come across other useful resources as well.

Design Newz

The favorability towards this resource site stems from the fact that here you find news, articles, tutorials, tips, etc, contributed by designers and developers themselves. Be a regular visitor of this site and stay updated.


As it is important to keep a tab on standard web practices and have information about them, web designers must follow W3C and check out the information they need to know.


The site presents well categorized and up to date information for designers and developers. The various categories include Ajax, CSS, Design, Photoshop, Tutorial, and WordPress which make it easy to find the relevant information.


This community based site has everything a designer or developer might desire to know including Tutorials, News, Freebies, Inspiration, Resources, etc. All you need to do is subscribe
to it.


To witness the work of designers and developers and to share your own work, Dribbble offers an excellent platform. So showcase your creativity by being a part of it.


A community of designers and developers where you can share your knowledge, get feedback and all the desired help from the fellow designers. It provides an excellent way to get connected and know the vital information on design and development.

Behance Network

As the name suggests, it enables designers to become a part of the community and extract useful feedback from other designers by showcasing the work. The site is best for discussion on matters that concern designers.


How can one forget DeviantArt which in fact all designers love without any mention? It is an excellent community site that allows artists to exhibit their creativity.

We hope that you find the collection useful. Please provide your feedback and suggestions.

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