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100 Massive Lego Artwork Creations


Lego bricks can be used to construct nearly anything imaginable, from V6 engines to aircraft carriers, sporting venues, cars, airplanes and spaceships. While the prepackaged and designed Lego sets are certainly fun to play with, using a bit of creativity and imagination, an artist or Lego architect can construct technological marvels.

This post showcases 100 massive and epic Lego artwork creations from some of the most talented Lego artists across the globe. From a functioning engine to a gigantic aircraft carrier, an entire family of Lego characters, and recreations of your favorite characters including the Futurama crew, Spongebob, R2-D2 and Chewbacca, this collection proves that Legos aren’t just for kids.

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Escher’s Relativity by Andrew Lipson

Allianz Arena

Lego Death Star

Yellow by Nathan Sawaya

Lego DSI by Sean Kenney

Lego Luigi by Dirk VH

Lego Sea Serpent by Dr. Momentum

Legoland at Vejle – Photos from Leif Pettersen

Halo RvB Sarge by Dirk VH

LM2 Mite by DarkSpawn

Times Square in Lego by Sean Kenney

Lego Church by Amy Hughes

Troll Crusher by DarkSpawn

Lego Batman by MJ Laflaca

Lion by Mariann Asanuma

USS Harry S. Truman by Malle Hawking

Lego V8 by Barry Bosman

White Mage in Lego by James Keeling

Hagrid by Dirk Denoyelle

Lego Carl from Up by Angus McLane

Giant Sphynx by Robin Sather

Mazda 2 by Sean Kenney

2004 Volvo XC90 by Lego Master Model Builders

Lego Man by Terence Faircloth

The Beatles Lego Mosaic by Henry Lim

Lego Stegasaurus by Henry Lim

OSS Pontbriand by Jeff Pelletier

Lego Mecha by puck-man

Lego 300 by Kieth CKU

Lego Train from 30 Rock by Sean Kenney

Lego Penguin by

Futurama Lego

Mister Snowman by

Think by Nathan Sawaya

Lego Boardroom Table by agbc

Legoland by JunitaFox

Chubaka by Mollie Hartford

Lego R2D2 by Steve Jurvetson

Downtown Detroit in Lego by Sean Lamb

Lego Elephant by LeoLondon

Docking Bay 94 by BlueMoose

Bert and Ernie by BlueMoose

Mona Lego by Eric Harshbarger

Zombie Apocafest by Andrew Becraft

Lego by Leo Vivela

Circle Trianlge Square by Nathan Sawaya

Yankee Stadium by Sean Kenney

Mario by Dirk VH

Underneath by Nathan Sawaya

Downtown Disney by Violeta Romero

Lego Family by Monique

Apocalego by Crimson Wolf

Emergence of an Artist by Tony the Misfit

Pirates by yumyumbubblegum

Santa Claus by Britta Bohlinger

Brickfrenzy by Adrian Drake

Lego Spongebob by Matt Chan