10 Premium jQuery Slider Plugins

jQuery sliders enhance the user interface for websites, by providing a convenient way to display important information, images or video while reducing the amount of space required to display the content.  This results in cleaner looking websites, as well as a more usable website.  Awhile back, we posted a roundup of 30 jQuery Slider Plugins, and it was a big success.

So, this time, we collected up 10 premium jQuery slider plugin files that you can download from various sites.  Please note that these are paid plugins, but they are definitely worth the investment in your site.  None of the links are affiliate links, so we’re definitely not pushing you to buy a premium slider over using a free one, but we thought it would be helpful to have the choice.

If you need more free jQuery plugins, check out these posts:

li jQuery Slider

liJQuery Image Slider is carefully crafted slider/image rotator, full of features, easy to install and customize. Whenever you need a full featured slider image rotator or you need a simple ad banner, liJQuery Image slider will do the job with ease!


SlideDeck is a powerful slider plugin made for web designers. With SlideDeck, you can organize any type of web content into a beautiful and user-friendly slider.

Advanced Slider – jQuery XML slider

Advanced Slider is a jQuery plugin that allows you to easily create XML -driven sliders, which are much easier to setup and maintain than sliders that use HTML markup. However, you also have the option to use HTML instead of XML.

Sexy Slider

SexySlider is a JQuery plugin that lets you easily create powerful javascript Sliders with very nice transition effects. Enhance your website by adding a unique and attractive slider!

Slider Pack: 2 Featured Sliders

jQuery Banner Rotator

Simple logo rotator with 5 transitions including a 3D rotation and unlimited easings.

Avia Slider – jQuery Slideshow

AviaSlider is a very flexible and easy to use Image slideshow plugin for jQuery with a set of really unique transitions that were nver available before, as well as some basic transitions, so the slider will fit into every project.


DDSlider introduces a new easy-to-go slider with 9 different unique transitions (+fading & random—11 total) that support Inline Content. You can also have multiple sliders in the same page.

uBillboard Premium Slider

uBillboard is a slider for WordPress. We have been developing sliders for our WordPress themes for over a year now, and all that experience has been distilled into this one slider plugin. It is a premium quality jQuery-based slider with a nicely polished WordPress admin.

Accordionza – jQuery Plugin

Accordionza is a very flexible and lightweight jQuery accordion plugin.

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