40 Beautiful Typography Posters


Although the saying goes “a picture speaks a thousand words”, as ironic as it sounds, sometimes all you need might just be a thousand words or more to make up a picture. Most of the time, posters take on pictures as a whole and the using of words is kept to minimal. However, typography posters are design in the exact opposite manner, to simply explain it, typography uses words or characters to create a picture, in fact one could call it a form of legible art, where you can literally read the art itself. And lately the popularity of this genre has also earn itself a custom designed App in the market.

Generally, typography is a genre in art; the main technique is where one uses just words or characters and arranged them in such a way to create a graphic or an art print. This genre is not easy, it takes up a lot of patient and is time consuming, however the outcome is worthwhile for those who attempt it, seeing that the effect is always a sight to behold. While pictures present a more graphic way to convey a message, words are just as effective when one is trying to convey message in a more detailed manner. Designers uses different types of beautiful typography for their designs, each type of typography allows them to convey a different message and will directly affect the outcome of the art. Some of the common typography used are cursive typography, bold, dramatic and some designer will also design their own custom typography to create a particular effect for their art.

Some of the typography posters are design without much arrangement, allowing the viewers to understand the art, focusing more of the typography themselves. For designers who are more creative, they tend to arrange their typography into portraits, figures, pictures or other graphics. While the mainstream typography uses alphabets there are also those that uses characters from different languages, such as Japanese, Chinese and Arabic characters. While, typography posters are normally design in a 2D format, there are also creative designers who attempt to design their work in 3D format and the affect itself is astounding. Typography posters are suitable to be used during concerts, events, festivals and for campaign promotions. Here, we have prepared a collection of unique, attractive and beautiful typography posters for your reference. We hope this collection will help you to explore more in this particular genre, who knows, your experiment might just create a different kind of art.

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Utada Hikaru Typo Portrait

A portrait of a Japanese singer made in typography.

utada hikaru typo portrait

Urban Typography

A poster using only typography.

urban typography


Design for a yearbook’s front cover.


Helvetica Poster

Helvetica Typographic Poster.

helvetica poster

Out of Inspiration

A product created by inspiration for inspiration.

out of inspiration

N.Joy_Flow.Typo By Samuel Sinaga

Collections of typography posters from Samuel Sinaga.

n joy flow typo by samuel sinaga


A portrait of type-face Obama.


Sell my Animals to the Bird

Typography poster with very cute font.

sell my animals to the bird

And you can take that to the bank

Design theme is to make a synthesis of needs + information + color.

and you can take that to the bank

Wonderland of type

Are you OK?

wonderland of type

What is Graphic Design

A poster to answer the question of “What is Graphic Design”.

what is graphic design

Go catch some waves!

Typography plus a beautiful girl!

go catch some waves

3D Typographic Poster for Japan

Poster design to encourage Japan due to its recent earthquake and nuclear disaster.

3d typographic poster for japan

I’ll Be The Brightest Someday

I Hope You Like The Stars I Stole For You.

i ll be the brightest someday

Hiragana Stack bu Kiyoshi Awazu

A Japanese typography designed by layering hiragana wordings over one another.

hiragana stack bu kiyoshi awazu

i-pop poster v1

Typography poster for a band.

i pop poster v1

Japanese Poster: Handwritten Calligraphic Logos

A typography poster consisting handwritten calligraphic logos.

japanese poster handwritten calligraphic logos

robot earth 3009 poster

Really creative idea combining robot and typography art!

robot earth 3009 poster

Chasing Cars

A typography poster designed with pictures of human and other graphics.

chasing cars

Encontros 2009

A pamplet cover to a music festival.

encontros 2009

Vintage Typography

A personal design for vintage art.

vintage typography

Typo-graphic Dope

This typography poster is available for purchase.

typo graphic dope

Typography Poster 1

A poster using fashion and cosmetics as themes.

typography poster 1

When I Grow Up

An adorable take on typography design.

when i grow up


Part of SeventhStreet’s new marketing campaign that encourages people to recycle old images and create new ideas.

stay green go red

Towers in arabic typography

Towers design with arabic typography.

towers in arabic typography

Funke – Terry Francis Poster

A poster for a new tech-house events project in Athens.

funke terry francis poster

The person you love is 72.8% water

An interpretation of a quote by Alan Fletcher.

the person you love is 72 8 percent water

Simone Chocolate

A typography chocolate poster.

simone chocolate

Posters by Michal Bialogrzywy

Typography poster collections by Michal Bialogrzywy.

posters by michal bialogrzywy

Plug Festival

Cover designed for the Belgian Festival in Nijvel.

plug festival

I Hate 2D Posters

A poster designed for 3D illusion.

i hate 2d posters

Typography by mvgraphics

A typography poster created for school.

typography by mvgraphics

Better than nothing

A quirky typography poster.

better than nothing

Typography Poster

A poster with only a simply design.

typography poster

Typography Poster – PWND

Created while playing Call of Duty games!

typography poster pwnd

Type art invert

A typography poster with a classic and minimal design.

type art invert


A heart shape made of words.



A very strong message to be heard.


The Gift v2

An artist is nothing without the gift but the gift is nothing without work.

the gift v2

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