Top 30 Sites to Download Free 3D Models

Free 3d models can be incredibly useful, whether you’re rushed on a project and don’t have time to develop your own models, or you’re looking to learn some techniques and see the structure of a model to help guide your own creations.  Whatever the reason, there is a huge demand for 3d models, and a large number of websites have sprung up to provide some models.

However, not all are the same quality, so in this roundup, we’ve gathered up the top 30 sites to download free 3d models.  Whether you’re looking for space ships from NASA, or a kitchen table for architectural visualization, you’ll find some awesome resources here.

Here are some more cool sites to download more freebies:

As always, please contribute your favorite sources in the comments and we’ll add them to the list.

Artist 3D

Artist-3D has a large collection of free noncommercial 3D models.

model 1 500x222

Free3D Models

Free 3d Models is your resource portal on 3d modeling, Texture, Animation, Computer Graphics and Visual Effects (VFX).

model 2 500x222


3DM3 has a large collection of free 3d models in addition to their tutorials.

model 3 500x200


Archive 3D has a great selection of 3d models, particularly for interior design.

model 4 500x200

3D Xtras offers thousands of free 3d models to download in .MAX, .3ds and other formats, you may use these models freely in your own work as royalty free.

model 5 500x200


Another huge collection of free 3D models, textures and resources.

model 6 500x200

CarBody Design

A great collection of 3D cars and accessories for the car design enthusiast.

model 7 500x200

Free3D Modelz is the place to download free 3d models and other related resources for free. All the 3d model, 3d graphics, animation, textures listed here are free to use for personal and non-commercial use and for learning purposes.

model 8 500x200 presents a great collection of Free 3D Models that are characterized by exceptional quality, originality and professional look.

model 9 500x200

3D Total

The CG artists homepage, daily news with links to all the best 3d animations and site. Huge libraries and galleries with free downloads.

model 10 500x200

Top3D Models

Download free 3D Models, no registration required, no email required, just click and download our free 3D models.

model 11 500x200


3D Models save you time and money. Find the 3D Model for your project in our vast library of cars, people, architectural models and more, with the largest free database online.

model 12 500x200

3D Content Central

Free 3D CAD Models of User-Contributed and Supplier-Certified Parts & Assemblies, 2D Blocks, Library Features, Macros, and more.

model 13 500x200

Google 3D Warehouse

A huge collection of models for use with Sketchup.

model 14 500x200


As the name says, tons of free models of famous buildings.

model 15 500x200


3ds, max, prj and obj files for you to use in different applications of 3d programs.

model 16 500x200


These models are for anybody that uses a 3D software package. Most of the models are in the common .3ds format, which can be read by most 3D programs. Some models, however, are in their original .lwo, .fbx, or .obj formats to preserve details that would be lost in conversion.

model 17 500x200

3D Export

One of the largest marketplaces for paid models, 3D Export also has a nice selection of free models.

model 18 500x200


A selection of exclusive 3D models.

model 19 500x200


Another great selection of 3D models for free.

model 20 500x200


Various collections of free 3d models.

model 21 500x200


All 3D models licensed here are © Copyright 1997-2010, Amazing 3D Graphics, Inc. You may use these 3d models (meshes) royalty-free In your own work to create 2D images, animations, print graphics or web graphics.

model 22 500x200

Dewantoro Network

A blog collecting up some awesome free 3d models.

model 23 500x200


Free 3d models oriented at architectural visualization.

model 24 500x200


Free 3d models, scenes and textures.

model 25 500x200


All 3d models are free for any type of use (c/p). The version one is collection of very useful and handy 3d models in .3ds format. We will add more 3d Models to the collection, as time allows. Free 3D models are downloadable through our website in .zip format. Please click on the images to download that particular 3d model.

model 26 500x200


A community exchanging free 3d models for usage.

model 27 500x200


Some high quality free 3d models and materials.

model 28 500x200

Mr. Furniture

Free 3d items for interior design.

model 29 500x200


Another awesome high quality free 3d model site.

model 30 500x200


Place to download CAD files.

3d model 500x250


3Dvia has over 30,000 free-user generated and premium 3D models.

3dvia 500x220


A free open source CAD library (meaning we support all major CAD software and content is freely downloadable, members build upon each other’s work etc) and engineering community. The content leans towards mechanical design / engineers with enough fun models thrown in.

grab cad 500x307

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