The Top 50 Best Digital and CG Artworks from 2010

This past year was a great year for digital artworks, with new advanced tools being released, better rendering engines, more precise drawing tablets and a large number of visual effects studios releasing training resources.  However, nothing can replace hard work, practice and devotion, as these are what bring out the subtle details, evoke emotions and convey meaning through digital art.

In the realm of digital artworks from 2010, there was a huge selection to choose from, with 2D, 3D, and mixed elements such as matte paintings playing a huge role.  Additionally, a number of videogames and movies were released in 2010 that had accompanying computer graphics for them.  Here’s CreativeFan’s selection of the best cg artworks from 2010.

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Blind Batman by jocz

cg 1 500x527

The Cheez Run by Snitch-Was-Here

cg 13 500x312

The Last Journey by Toni Bratincevic

cg 26 500x666

Go Away Clown by Jason Seiler

cg 2 500x527

Tortuga by Glazyrin

cg 3 500x226

How I Wish A Wonderland by rakkin23

cg 25 500x335

Rabbit Menace by rawgon

cg 43 500x252

City Canyon by Stefan Morell

cg 12 500x734

Chess Garden by Glazyrin

cg 4 500x300

The Market by Nacho Yague

cg 44 500x305

Play Magazine Cover by JJasso

cg 14 500x772

Underneath by elreviae

cg 45 500x261

Oblivion by Shamanik

cg 5 500x240

High End Bathroom by Flavius-C

cg 15 500x260

Orc by Veprikov

cg 6 500x707

Time Traveler’s House by tlggungor

cg 31 500x281

Playtime by Salvador Ramirez

cg 24 500x368

Primacore Station by Yakul

cg 16 500x353

Passing Pedestrian by Veprikov

cg 7 500x667

Max and Milton by Jason Baldwin

cg 32 500x519

Alien Tako Sashimi by Serge Birault

cg 27 500x735

Darth Vader’s Assassin by Dax Pandhi

cg 17 500x212

Wallachia Prevail by Stas Lobachev

cg 8 500x268

Heart of the Forest by Tuomas Korpi

cg 28 500x374

LMS Gabriel by adonihs

cg 18 500x265

Ladybug by Pedro Conti

cg 33 500x326

Golden Sunrise in Fairly Land by Stas Lobachev

cg 9 500x279

Too Late by tredowski

cg 34 500x285

Running Away by Toni Bratincevic

cg 29 500x666

Born with Anger by Heri Irawan

cg 20 500x325

LMS Abel by adonihs

cg 21 500x702

Invasion by D3C

cg 30 500x313

Pandora Afterdark by Stas Lobachev

cg 10 500x248

Deus X 3 by Gryphart

cg 46 500x235

The Wall by trainfender

cg 22 500x230

Fish Man by Fabricio Moraes

cg 35 500x702

Searching by Andree Wallin

cg 37 500x251

The Flea by stroggtank

cg 47 500x312

Post Atlantis: Sacred Lands by Stas Lobachev

cg 11 500x705

Unknown Prays by zigshot82

cg 36 500x280

Battlefield by Dragos Jieanu

cg 23 500x675

LMS Cover by adonihs

cg 19 500x345

Praetorian by glazyrin

cg 48 500x232

LMS Imperium City by Andree Wallin

cg 38 500x260

Tahiti by Fel-X

cg 39 500x312

Mass Effect 2 Final Shot by JJasso

cg 49 500x298

This Has Never Happened To Me Before by Tiago Hoisel

cg 40 500x743

Classic Interior by Marcin Jastrzebski

cg 41 500x319

Assassin’s Creed by Donglun Yu

cg 42 500x259

Star Wars 2 by JJasso

cg 50 500x281

Phoenix Rising by tigaer

cg 51 500x276

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