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Concept Art Gallery: Awesome Digital Paintings

Concept art is essential for developing environments, mood, characters and events for games, books, movies and TV, but it can also stand on its own as a beautiful type of art.  Concept art is designed to bring you into a given scene and immerse you in the artist’s world, and it functions as a stepping

Incredibly Detailed Digital Paintings

Digital paintings can have varying levels of detail, ranging from quick sketches and concept art to highly polished, lifelike digital paintings.  The advantage of digital painting is that you are not relying on any photographic stocks or 3D objects, and are much freer in terms of composition and the ability to create something that doesn’t

Immersive Science Fiction and Fantasy Concept Art

Concept art is an important part of the development of any movie, TV show, videogame, and even books.  They help capture the mood, stylistic influences, overall plot and also help other project participants to visualize the finished product.  Concept art can be a quick sketch in black and white, or slightly refined with color, or

City and Urban Illustrations – Various Interpretations of the Urban Jungle

Cities are often referred to as the urban jungle, due to the densely packed environment, streets, buildings and people.  Life in cities tends to be more fast paced and unpredictable than life in the country, so it appeals to certain demographics who enjoy this lifestyle, particularly young adults. Artists often use cities in their artwork,

The Luminarium Exhibit #14: Energy

The Luminarium is a modern international art group with talented artists in both the digital and traditional realm from all over the world. Pursuing originality and creativity, the Luminarium focuses on creating online art exhibits for anyone to enjoy and experience.  The group releases a new exhibit every 2 to 4 months, providing fresh and

30 Inspiring Concept Artworks

Concept art is art that is created to express a given theme, idea, mood, setting or concept, in a relatively short amount of time.  Some concept art is incredibly rough, with clearly visible brush strokes and rough areas visible, while other concept art is highly refined, almost indistinguishable from computer graphics.  Either way, concept art