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10 Lessons on Design We Can Learn From Apple

While most companies follow design trends, Apple has a habit of creating them.  One of the largest electronic businesses on the market, and a pioneer in personal devices especially, it has become a powerhouse unlike any other seen around the world. Apple has even sparked a revolution of copycats trying to find their own niche

Top 7 Traits of a Successful Designer

In order for a person to earn a career as a well-respected and recognized designer, there are several different factors that they must consider and several more that must be mastered. As with any career, education is of utmost importance, but it all comes down to hard work. Most designers realize that a person may

The Top 3 Exercises to Help Overcome Creative Block

Any creative type knows that creative block isn’t just for writers and small children.  Sometimes the Muse sings and sometimes she doesn’t—but for those tormented souls that are paid for their artistry (writers, designers, architects, etc.) a slump in inspiration can be the equivalent of joblessness. The worst thing about a block is that it’s

Quick Reference List of Photoshop Shortcuts to Save Time and Energy

Photoshop is one of the most used programs for design and photo editing. Not only is it great for internet content, but most businesses employ designers to create images for their company.  Every business has a team to create the content that goes on their sites. For designers out there who want to pursue one

Retro Trends Among Modern Designers

As the second decade of the 21st century rolls on, web designers are busy trying to adjust to the new technologies that are changing the way the World Wide Web will look and behave from now on. With the advent of CSS3, HTML5, and new versions of browsers that take advantage of hardware acceleration (such

5 Ways Web Designers Can Help the Environment

Web designers and developers impact the environment significantly, as the websites they create a viewed by millions of people every year, and the efficiency of the websites can help or hurt the environment. It’s definitely easier to prevent than to cure, but since the damage has already been done, it’s time now to actively pursue