Spectacular Examples of Typography in Print Ads

Typography is one of the core areas of design, but it is often overlooked in fields of design, and many of us have seen a plethora of cheesy text effects that attempt to pass for quality typography.  But, in high quality design, mastering typography is an essential component.  In many print advertisements, typography is the core aspect of the design, because it communicates both text and a visual concept.

In this post, we’ll examine some spectacular examples of typography in print advertising.  Let us know in the comments what you think of each piece, or if you’ve come across any other examples.

If you’re wondering how to create designs like this, check out our lists of the best Photoshop tutorials:

Let us know if you found them useful!

WMF Knives – Apple

typography 1 500x337

Everythign in Every Thing by Fil Dunsky

typography 2 500x666

Hwa-Young Hotel Balloons

typography 3 500x668

Webber Wentzel Attorneys Firemen

typography 4 500x354

Jung von Matt – Anatomy of a Great Idea

typography 5 500x706

ACAB – All Cars and Bikes

typography 6 500x335

Dom in Rock

typography 7 500x562

MTV Organic

typography 8 500x278

HBO ‘Unexpected’

typography 9 500x281

Typography Burger

typography 10 500x333

Lexus CT 200H

typography 11 500x146

NSPCC Thank You

typography 12 500x399

Saizen Media

typography 13 500x255

Orange 100%

typography 14 500x707

True Love

typography 15 500x690

Energia School: Solid Foundation

typography 16 500x333

Grupo Vhiver: Cell

typography 17 500x372

Bexomer: Rat

typography 18 500x353

Coca-Cola Contest

typography 19 500x706

CTS Graphic: Typography

typography 20 500x708


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