25 Nicest Small Wrist Tattoos

Want to sport a tattoo but not sure what would suit you? Unsure which part of the body to ink? Well these are few questions that arise in the mind of a beginner. For a first timer, a small tattoo would sit pretty on the wrist. For a guy or a girl, the wrist is the safest place to host a tattoo. Exhibit when you want and hide it when necessary!

Choices for Small Wrist Tattoos are plenty. A cute little heart, a butterfly, your name, your favorite symbol are some choices that you could ink. Once you zero in on the tattoo and get it on your wrist, we have a word of caution. You and everybody who looks at the tattoo may forget to blink. Don’t tell us later that we didn’t warn you! Few wrist tattoos have been listed below. They will help you to adorn yourself.

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The ‘and’ tattoo

Don’t label it as a punctuation mark; it could be the additions that are happening in your life.

ampersand tattoo

Ampersand Tattoo

Stallion of the Sea

Seahorses are loyal! Its surely a potent sign to describe your loyalty.

seahorse tattoo

Seahorse Tattoo

Bubbly Butterfly

Considered as a sign of marriage, it could ring the wedding bells for you!

butterfly tattoo

Butterfly Tattoo

Regret Nothing Tattoo

Life’s too short to spend distressed. Remember, everything that you did was something that you badly wanted.

regret nothing

Regret Nothing

Peace Plus Love

If you think love and peace are the vital ingredients to make this world a better place, then this is the tattoo to be inked.

peace and love

Peace And Love

Tattoo On Wrist

Want something simple? You could try just the first letter of your name if it begins with C.

tattoo on wrist

Tattoo On Wrist


If you are a believer that moderation is the key then you have to get this on your wrist.

reminder tattoo

Reminder Tattoo

Heart of Hearts

Need we tell you why this tattoo? Perfect for matters related to heart!

cute heart tattoo

Cute Heart Tattoo

Vegan, The New Religion

Here’s another tattoo to show you care. Yourself and the life around you.

vegan tattoo

Vegan Tattoo

Irish Tattoo

This beautiful tattoo in green and black is a celtic delight.

irish tattoo

Irish Tattoo

Tasha In Elvish

This is strictly who want the name Tasha on their body! And its in Elvish.

tasha in elvish

TitTasha In Elvishle

Musical Tattoo

These beautiful musical notes are for people whose life is Music and Music is life.

musical tattoo

Musical Tattoo

Swallow Birdie

This’s also called old sailor’s tattoo. And for people with a sailor streak in them.

swallow tattoo

Swallow Tattoo

Zero One

Not just a binary code, its for all those techno brains out there!

binary code

Binary Code

Fighter Instinct

Are you the one who can never give up even if everybody writes you off? Then you ought to get this right away.

fighter tattoo

Fighter Tattoo

Lemon Tattoo

If you swear by the benefits of lemon, then why not have one on you. Feast to the eye as well!

pretend tattoo

Pretend Tattoo

Anchor Tattoo

This beautiful design is worn as a piece of jewel by both men and women. Why not as a tattoo?

anchor tattoo

Anchor Tattoo

Twinkle Twinkle Lil Star!

If you love the celestial world, how can you not have one of them on you.

star tattoo

Star Tattoo

Digital Pet

This cute lil Tamagotchi will earn you lot of oohs and aahs.

poor little guy

Poor Little Guy

Believe Tattoo

Belief plus the pink heart is for the believers of their hearts.

believe tattoo

Believe Tattoo

Finished Wrist

These curved letters sit pretty on the wrist.

finished wrist

Finished Wrist

Splash of The Waves

Waves represent the ups and downs of life. Ideal for any occasion of life.

waves tattoo

Waves Tattoo

Skull With Exclamation

It’s the symbol for the band All Time Low tattooed.

scull tattoo

Skull Tattoo

Inception Tattoo

Starting something new? Then why not start it with an inception tattoo.

inception tattoo

Inception Tattoo

Inverted Commas

Have lots to convey? The quotation marks are just perfect. Just fill the space between them with your thoughts.

quotation marks

Quotation Marks

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