Do you know Why Your Productivity is Lacking and How to Fix It

Freelancer is a person who is the boss and employee of his own work. These people love their job because it gives them complete freedom to work according to their own style. The flexible timing leaves an ample scope to show their creativity. Freelancing has become a massive part of the work landscape. Each person

Guide on How to Find Your Communication Style

Freelancer is a person who works with multiple clients without giving a long term commitment to any of them. These people work with their own terms and conditions. Most of them work from home and follow their own schedule to complete work. From the last two decades this profession has gained popularity in the field

The Truth and What no one Ever Told you About Blogging

Do you know the truth and what no one told you about blogging? The term blogging generally means a way of posting some kind of content or data on a blog. Blog is a written discussion which is done in an informal manner and is published on the World Wide Web. It is interactive in

Why You Should Turn Down a Freelance Project and How to Do It

Are you overloaded with a number of projects? Do you accept projects without conformation? One thing that every freelancer should consider while taking a project is that you should always take such projects of which you have a thorough knowledge in advance. Secondly try to accept projects related to your specialized field only. You must

The Best Productivity Tools for Freelancers Ever Built

Freelancers are the people who work from home. They hate work place pressure and do not like the continuous nagging nature of their immediate bosses. They love to work within their own comfort zone. As their office is at home, they have to create such environment which has less of distraction, thereby enhancing their productivity.

Top Things Every Freelancer Should Do Now and Forever

Freelancer is a person who works independently. He or she is not liable to anyone else. These people work like independent contractors and provide services to clients. They generally work from home and work with a great level of comfort zone. Those who are their own boss or are not willing to work under pressure