30 Exceptional Panther Tattoo Designs

Tattoos of animals are quite popular among guys and gals. The domestic and wild creatures have been a part and parcel of our life and all of us have heard their stories. They possess a great deal of symbolism and meaning in different cultures. The tattoos also draw upon the twin facets mentioned above. Apart

25 Unbelievable Black Men Hairstyles

The hairstyling segment of men caters to the varied needs of the not-so-fairer-sex. The fair-complexioned guys and the dark-skinned ones; both have got distinct appearance. Therefore, their hairstyles also differ and are created in keeping with their looks. The black men have a badass, masculine look and their hairstyles also display this aura in varied

30 Magnificent Kitchen Curtain Ideas

The cooking space of our home i.e. the kitchen is one corner that is becoming very important for the home owners from the point of view of decoration. It is no longer the simple and utilitarian corner that was meant for cooking only. People want to give it a nice display too. Well, there are

40 Groovy Marilyn Monroe Pictures

What is the name that comes to the mind when one asks about the female icon who defined the era of 50s and 60s in Hollywood? Yes it is the one and only Marilyn Monroe. The blonde beauty who ruled the hearts of millions of men and women with her stunning looks and sensuous appeal

45 Encouraging Side Tattoos

Tattoos look great if they are done on an appropriate body part in an equally appropriate manner. The art from presents itself in a charming manner if it gets an aesthetic exposure and is portrayed nicely. One such very cool and popular tattoo is the side tattoo. Done on the side of the body, this

35 Lovely Kim Kardashian Hairstyles

Women constantly take inspiration from celebrities when it comes to styling their hair. Well, there are lots of fashionable actresses and models who have influenced the hairdos of women to a great extent but there is one name that stands out from the lot in a unique manner. Now, you must have guessed who we