30 Mind-Blowing Emo Hairstyles For Guys

The emo culture gave birth to many phenomena and hairstyles also constitute a significant part of the whole emo cultural paraphernalia. Girls and guys were so hooked to the trendy hairstyle that most of them went on chopping off their hair with a bang. Talking about the latter, emo hairstyles for guys still have strong

25 Fantastic Hunting Tattoos

Hunting is all about getting in touch with your raw, primitive side. In the earliest days men used to spend their lives in hunting as a livelihood. It was the meat that was hunted that fed the stomachs of their families. Today, hunting is a sport with a long and colorful history. Both men and

35 Superb Tyga Tattoos

Tattoos are a style statement that have found generous acceptance from the community of rappers. Most of them wear the art form on their different body parts but some are so enamored with their look that they have got almost whole of their body inked. One such rapper is Tyga. Michael Ray Nguyen-Stevnson aka Tyga

25 Phenomenal Hallway Decorating Ideas

Our homes are places that tell a lot about us. The way we decorate them also makes an impression on others. This is why people want their dwelling spaces to be pretty in appearance. Well, all the corners receive adequate attention and each is decorated keeping in mind the requirements of the space and its

30 Messy Hairstyles You Should Check Today

Are you bored with the sleek and trendy hairstyles that are prim and polished in their appearances? Do you want to try out something new and out-of-the-box? Well, then messy hairstyles are the best choice for you. The ruffled and loose tresses styled in different cluttered manners look very groovy and it would not be

25 Astounding Dog Tag Tattoos

The dog tag tattoos are very popular among the people as memorial pieces. They love to get their body carved with the traditional identification mark worn by the soldiers. The practice which started during the civil war in a bid to save oneself from getting listed as unidentified, in case one died during the war,