Sleek jQuery Accordion Menu Plugins and Tutorials

jQuery accordion menus are menus that act like a musical accordion, with regards to their ability to expand and contract based on user interactions. This helps display additional information for the active menu items, while hiding non-relevant information from the user. Additionally, it can help add more content without sacrificing white space, leading to more usable and attractive user interface design.

We’ve gathered up some sleek and useful jQuery accordion menu plugins and tutorials for you to get started using accordion menus in your own projects. Whether you’re looking for a horizontal accordion, a vertical one, a grid one, or a different implementation, you’ll find not only some pre-built plugins, but also some tutorials so you can make your own.

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Grid Accordion with jQuery

jquery 1 500x198

Easy Accordion jQuery Plugin

jquery 2 500x163

DesignReviver Horizontal Accordion

jquery 3 500x97

Making an Accordion Menu with jQuery

jquery 4 500x250

1k Horizontal Accordion Tutorial

jquery 5 500x250

jQuery Accordion Menu Wizard

jquery 6 500x250

Slide Out Drawer Effect

jquery 7 500x250

jQuery Accordion Menu and Text

jquery 8 500x250

jQuery Common Accordion – Horizontal and Vertical

jquery 13 500x159

Exactly How To Create a jQuery Accordion

jquery 9 500x250

Turn an Unordered List into an jquery Accordion Menu

jquery 14 500x159

State Saving jQuery Accordion

jquery 10 500x250

Simple and Beautiful jQuery Accordion

jquery 11 500x250

Simple Accordion with CSS and jQuery

jquery 12 500x250

Colorful Content Accordion with CSS and jQuery

jquery 15 500x216

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